How to Produce Non Toxic Scouring Powder Using Egg Shells

Even if not for the purpose of making money; you can learn how to make this household product for the sake of saving costs. The truth is that even the wealthy are cutting costs; if the rich could reduce cost why not you?

There are so many household products that can’t be found wanting in our mother’s kitchen. Not because they have the luxury to buy those products but because there was a need for them. One of such product is the scouring powder (VIM). Someone from a poor background where charcoal is use to cook will understand this better!

While scouring powder is important. Do you know it’s very easy and cheap to produce? As a matter of fact, scouring powder is the simplest household product I ever seen, and its ingredients are readily available. Yes, you can get this done with less than 1,000 depending on the quantity you want.

The good news is that all that you will need to produce this are already in the house – trust me! Do you even know you can make money through egg shells? This is because egg shells are used in producing scouring powder.

In case, you were born in 2001, and you don’t know what a scouring powder is. Scouring powder is a cleansing powder used to remove tough stains and clean surfaces or objects, such as pots (back of pots mostly), bath tubs, toilets, tiles, ceramics, toilet bawls, etc.

Why People Preferred Non Toxic Scouring Powder?

  1. It is cheap
  2. It is easy to produce
  3. It is non toxic
  4. Ingredients are readily available

Things Needed For Producing Scouring Powder

  1. Egg shells
  2. Salt
  3. Powder detergent
  4. Mortar and pestle or Blender
  5. BIG bowl

Before you start producing scouring powder; it is important to know the ratio at which these ingredients are combined for the best result. Irrespective of the measuring tool you are using. The ingredients have to follow these ratios: Egg shells (1): Slat (1/2): Detergent (3)

These ratios mean that if you are using one tin milk cup of Egg Shells; you will be using 1/2 tin milk cup of salt and 3 tin milk cups of detergent. Even if you are using Derica; you follow the same ratios!

Steps Involved In Producing Scouring Powder

Step 1: Collect egg shells and dry them in the sun

Step 2: Ground the egg shells into powder form with either the mortar and pestle or blender.

Step 3: Get a BIG bowl to contain all these ingredients

Step 4: Mix the salt with the egg shell in powder form plus any detergent of your

How Do You Get Egg Shells?

I don’t expect you to start eating eggs to allow you get that number of egg shells. All you have to do is to put to work your human relationship skill. You only approach any food sellers or mallams making noodles and eggs and bargain with them. Some can even give you for FREE!!!

Scouring powder is as simple as that!

I hope you learn something today. You can leave your comments below.

5 thoughts on “How to Produce Non Toxic Scouring Powder Using Egg Shells”

  1. Thanks for the new information. But the only place am always getting confused is always in the place of (measurement). Now is there any possibility of teaching us(the public) more on measurements and explain better just as you did in the production of this egg shel scouring, even a blind man will understand it very well, that what is keeping me from making things like DETTOL, VASELINE, BAR SOUP ETC. I don’t usually understand your descriptions on measurements

  2. thanks a lot for the educative information. however i would like to know the examples of the powder detergent that one can use in the production of this scouring powder.


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