Problems And Solutions Of Installing Propane Conversion Kit

problems of installing propane conversion kitHave you tried installing the propane conversion kit with little or no success?  Sometimes, when you finish installation; your generator works fine with petrol/gasoline but not with gas/propane. I think it is important to consider these things before you give up and concluded the propane conversion kit was not meant for you.  I enjoin you to please read through to the end of this post.

There are so many things that could go wrong when installing the propane conversion kit which can cause your generator not to work properly. From your regulator,  to your generator glug. Today,  I shall be sharing, practical experience acquired through several installations; the problems and the solutions.

Listed here are some common problems you can encounter when installing the propane conversion kit with their Possible solutions. Meanwhile,  I think it is worth mentioning here that you must be sure the generator is working with petrol; before you start the conversion. Just as I always advise my trainees to please always start the generator before doing anything; this is to help you ascertain the generator itself is working to avoid stories that touch.

Problems And Solutions Of Installing Propane Conversion Kit

dirty plug

1. PROBLEM – When The Generator Will Not Start: The first common problem is that your generator will not start upon conversion.

  • CAUSE: There is just one thing that could cause this; and that is the PLUG!
  • SOLUTION: Clean the plug or change the plug out-rightly.
  • Why? The plug may be coated or bad; thereby unable to cause ignition which is necessary for the generator to start.

gas regulator

2. PROBLEM – When The Generator Makes Noise: This problem is very unique in its own way because the generator now requires great effort to work. However, the generator will work well with petrol but will be making noise when working with propane/gas. In fact,  with this problem you will notice the generator is doing HARD work.

  • CAUSE: The is usually  caused by using WRONG Regulator.
  • SOLUTION: The solution is to change/replace the Regulator.
  • WHY? There are certain pressure that should go into your generator. When this is too much the generator tends to OVER WORK because it the regulator supplies too much PRESSURE.

gasket for generator

3. PROBLEM – The Generator Jacks And Shakes While Working: You see the good things about this problem is that it’s very common and the solution is simple.

  • CAUSE: The is usually caused by the absence or wet thick paper called Gasket or the Carburetor pack.
  • SOLUTIONS: The solution is for you to change/replace the gasket or cut a cardboard in-place where the gasket is not available.
  • WHY? This is due to gas leakage. The gasket was to help in tightening the carburetor to the generator without leaving a way of escape. When this is absence the gas will escape through the space.

gas cylinder

4. PROBLEM – The Generator Works But The Light Is Not Stable: This is not a very common problem anyway. When this happens it has nothing to do with the conversion kit but with cylinder. The cause is the robber inside your cylinder.  The solution is to change the robber; you can always get the robber for FREE.

  • CAUSE: There black small circular robber in your cylinder is weak.
  • SOLUTION: Usually the best solution is to replace the robber; you can always get the robber for FREE.
  • Why? There is usually a circular robber on your cylinder that is to protect and guide the amount of gas going through the regulator. When the robber is weak; some gas tends to escape through that means thereby causing shortage in supply of gas and pressure to power your generator properly.

Cylinder robber

5. PROBLEM – The Generator Works But Goes Off After Few Minutes (Less Than 5 Minutes): The happens sometimes with both petrol and gas while it also happen on gas alone. In either cases there are two possible causes to this.

  • CAUSE: The PLUG and the ROBBER on the cylinder. So, how do you know which one is the actual cause of the problem. If it happens on both gas and petrol; it is either the PLUG or the ROBBER. But if happens only on Gas; then it is the ROBBER on the cylinder.
  • SOLUTION: The best solution for is to replace the PLUG and the ROBBER.
  • Why? If it is the ROBBER; it means enough gas and pressure were not supplied through the regulator. If it was the PLUG; it mean the PLUG is bad and not capable to cause the right ignition.

peradventure you have any problem apart from the one mentioned above. Please, leave the problem as a comment bellow. I hope this help someone out there. Click here for more

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