Are Posts Time Really Important to Instagram Marketing?

I remember the first time I used a bot or software to post content on Instagram. I wish I could tell you that this was my first option. I wish I could tell you that I have figured things out so clearly well in advance, that this was my systematic and methodical way of playing Instagram marketing game. If I told you any of those games, I would be flat out lying to you. Truth to be told, I started out just like everybody else. I was posting stuff manually on Instagram.

When I look at my statistical analysis, thanks to Google analytics, I was blown away. It turns out that while my online store is physically located on a server in the United States and my products are dropship from places in China and India, most of my customers were on the east coast of the United States. That’s right! They live near the eastern seaboard.

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Why is this a big deal? Why should you care? Well, here is the thing, when I manually did my marketing on Instagram, I used California time. You probably already know that California time is three times behind eastern standard time. So, what do you think happened? There is some sort of discrepancy in terms of my sales volume. What happens if I was only able to capture 1/3 of the demand of my target audience, because I was operating out of a time zone that is convenient for me? I was operating at a time in California. If only, I marketed a little bit earlier in the day, I would have been able to capture 100% of my prospective audience members.

What this translates to, is money. I was settling for 1/3 of the money that I could be making until I grabbed the clue. I finally woke up to the fact, that if I used software like Hootsuite I would be able to capture eastern standard time, and the best part of all of these, I could be sleeping, working out of the gym, buying stuff at the grocery, walking my little kid through the park, or doing all sorts of things and the software will be handling my posts because I don’t have to be physically there.

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On Instagram, post time does matter! In fact, they are crucial because it’s all about visibility. You want your target members to find you on Instagram when they are available. You want them to see your brand when they are actively checking out their Instagram updates. This is really hard to do manually because you have to be elsewhere. You have so many other responsibilities to attend to. You have so many different commitments, duties, obligations, and responsibilities.

Who has the time? Who has the focus? Well, thanks to software, you can focus on your greatest timeframe conversions and then adapt these to your posts. For example, when you know that you make more sales within the specified time range, you can target all your posts within that time range. Use software because they definitely make your life easier. Besides, who wants the unnecessary drama of screwing a post. Who wants to mess around with manual copy and paste that may not translate right? In other words, focus on success, focus on what works and focus on scaling up.

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