PONZI Scheme Hidden Ideology Exposed

I think it is important you know my stand on this issue. I am not putting up this post to mock or condemn anybody; neither am I here to hit anyone on his or her healing wound. Already, there are lots of controversial issues going on at the moment of these PONZI schemes.

Taken a closer look at these PONZI schemes –  MMM, ZARFUND, HELPING REVOLUTION, ULTIMATE CYCLER and many others. I discovered somethings general to all that raise huge concern. Honestly, I am only putting up this piece to educate us on why I think PONZI schemes will never work and should be disdained. If you must know; PONZI schemes were set up ORIGINALLY to SCAM people. See what Wikipedia have to say about PONZI …

“A Ponzi scheme (/ˈpɒn.zi/; also a Ponzi game) is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources.”

It is indeed no doubt that some people have benefited from this PONZI schemes; even at that you know what follows…

Few months ago, I was added to all these network PONZI groups on WhatsApp and I closely monitor all their conversations. The testimonies were alarming as different videos were being made every now and then to ascertain how cool each network was; if it is not about MMM, it is about iCharity or helping revolution – that was just the trend. But today, the story is different! A closer look at these systems reveal to me something mind blowing!!!

3 Reasons Why MMM, iCharity, Helping Revolution and Ultimate Cycler Will Fail

  1. System Irresponsibility: If you take a good look at all these systems; you will notice not one of them takes RESPONSIBILITY of your money at least directly. As you were always instructed to make payment into someone else’s account; thereby creating FAKE transparency impression. By these their victims thought there was no way the system could have absconded with their money; since no money was paid into the system. Very wrong though! On the contrary; this was done solely to reap participants off their money! In fact, most of those accounts you are paying into belongs to those PONZI schemes but unknown to you. If not, why do you think the system was built? Oh, do you believed their story on humanitarian and helping people? If they truly want to help people as claimed; they should run a charity organisation like Akon did! These and many more questions are things we should be asking ourselves. Maybe I should put it this way; any system that does not take responsibility of your fund is PONZI and it’s designed to SCAM – period!!!
  2. Only Monetary Benefits: If there is a system that only promises monetary benefits; it’s a RED signal to take caution. Any system that will work and stand the test of time must empower participant either by products or services. By this, I mean the system will either give you some products to sell or empower you with useful skills. e.g Bit4Bits, Helping Hands International, Trevo and Forever Living to mention but few.
  3. Questionable Income System: If you look at all these systems; you will agree with me that they all have questionable income syetem – leave it or take it. If I may ask, how does MMM, iCharity, Ultimate Cycler and Zarfund makes their money? Where do they get the huge BONUSES they give?  Yes, there is always something to say but the truth is that their system of income was  faulty and built to reap people’s off! They will tell you all sort of things, but honestly they are living on your money!

I hope this helps someone out there to proper decision making. However, free to air your opinion but now insult please.

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