Learn How To Make Industrial QualityPowder Detergent

If you are on this page; that can only mean one thing – you care about yourself and your children. This is not the time to joke with your finances, and I don’t think I need to repeat this anymore.

Powder Detergent Production

  • It is not as saturated as liquid soap production.
  • Powder detergent is easy to brand.
  • Powder detergent is in high demand.
  • Powder detergent has a high ROI.

Why not read some testimonials from my past students… instead of me doing the talking

How Mary, A Single Mother Of 5 Was Able To Support Her Family With Producing Powder Detergent

Mary was also a woman with hopes and expectations; just like every woman, she never thought she will end up being a single mother. You see, being married is one thing, and staying married is another thing. 

And to be honest, most women who found themselves as single mum never saw that coming; at least, 80% of them never saw it coming. Unfortunately, not all of them came out of it victorious like Mary. Just like this saying “When life throws you a lemon, make lemon juice out of it.” Such was the case of Mary…

Before her husband finally wave his last goodbye; she has been trying to support herself by producing liquid soap. In fact, she has several retailers when she first started, and she was making enough money to support herself until each of her retailers stopped buying from her; not because of poor quality in production, price, or branding, but because they also learned how to make one themselves.

Truth be told, there are little chances that you will not see someone who knows how to produce liquid soap in every house in Nigeria as of today. No wonder Mary struggles to support her family afterwards with the production of liquid soap.

In no time, things became very difficult as her husband’s relatives were not helping matters either. You will agree with me that feeding a family of 5 in Nigeria of today is a BIG deal.

Fortunately for her, her senior sister was there to help her, but there is a limitation to what she can do – remember, she has her responsibilities and also under a man. After two weeks of practically begging to survive; Mary dares to fight back, but this time, she wanted to try another household product; so, she spoke with us, and we advised she starts powder detergent production

Mary took the advice, but does not have the money for the training (N65,000), neither does she has the money to start her powder detergent production business. Luckily for Mary, her sister was ready to support her; as she needed Mary to get back on her foot.

So, her sister pays for her training and gave her some money to start up her powder detergent production on a small scale, and things began to take a new turn. This is not magic; there are obvious reasons this business is cool.

  • Powder Detergent Production is not as saturated as liquid soap production.
  • Very few people know how to produce quality powder detergent. If you are in doubt; ask yourself – how many people do you know who produce powder detergent?
  • Powder detergent is easy to brand
  • Powder detergent is in high demand
  • Powder detergent has a high ROI (Return on investment)
  • But wait…. What if you don’t have N65,000?

    Here is the good news; we are currently running a promo for this training now for just N30,000. 

    That is not all; for the first 10 people; I am giving you another 50% of this N30,000.

    Here is what that means; if you are paying now; you will only be paying N15,000 instead of N30,000.

    Please note, you are only paying N15,000 if you are paying now!

    Let me give you a glance of what you will learn in this training…

    • Common Chemicals and their functions: With this, you won’t have to be doing guesswork in your next production; even if it’s bar soap.
    • How to produce high-quality powder detergent that needs no dryer: (If you miss this; you won’t forgive yourself) Yes, this is huge; I have seen so many people sun-drying their production for good two weeks. That was laughable! How can you possibly make a profit off such production?
    • How to produce Multicolor Powder Detergent: Here I will be teaching you how to produce colorful powder detergent.
    • Instance Produce and Sale Powder Detergent Production Method: I bet you are hearing this for the first time, and here is what it means; it means, I will be teaching you a method to produce and sell your detergent immediately – no waiting.
    • Powder Detergent Packing and Branding: This is where I will teach you all you need to know about powder detergent packaging and branding.

    In addition to the above; I will be adding you to my secret WhatsApp group for further training.

    Bonus:I will be giving you my special manual for this training. This manual alone is worth N35,000. You won’t see this manual anywhere!

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