Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business With Underground Tanks

palm kernel oil extraction with underground tankI think I need to appreciate the contribution of the following people in this post: Yemisi Ike and Anonymous; these readers won’t let me rest unless they get the information they are looking for. See their comments here in my post on how to start a palm kernel business here in Nigeria.

These set of people and many other readers have not only made me responsible bust also committed to delivering at my best. Their calls, sms, comments as always pushing me to do more; with these people, it must be done.

palm kernel oil extraction with underground tank 1I honestly do not know their is an underground Tank to always collect your palm kernel oil until when a reader of EarnBase asked me to  help him with useful information about these technologies. So, I took out time to get to the field and ask the Engineer who is a specialist in fabricating palm kernel machine EBENENCO EBENENCO Ent. And he took me to a factory where the technologies are in use – he made it also. Though, the technology is simple using the diagram bellow; let me see if I can explain it.

palm kernel oil extraction with underground tank 2The crushed oil will flow through the oil passage into Underground Tank A and the pumping machine will pump out the oil to pass through the oil filter then passes into another Underground Tank B. Then another pumping machine will pump this oil into a storage Tank usually out side.

You can watch the complete video


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14 thoughts on “Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business With Underground Tanks”

  1. I am very impressed and grateful for the information, Infact I am going to be wealthy through this and I will not forget to mention your resourceful post and I will be willing to grant you full interview….yemisi ike

  2. Thank you for posting the informative video, Kindly share a contact information on a person I can reach on the phone for more information about the PKO business.

    Thank you

    • @Ayo, thanks for finding Earn Base very helpful.
      Sir, what kind of information do you need? Kindly, post them here for us all to see who knows someone with the answer might just be reading this.

  3. Thanks for your kind words sir. I am still demaning for at least a name of an individual or company that will buy my product (PKO). This will further convince me that my product won’t be dormant.

    • Smiles, Mr Samson, it shows that you are yet to start this business that is why you are so worried about the buyer that is actually not an issue.
      Since, you insist on having a contact of a buyer of your Palm kernel oil. Could you please tell me the state of your production? Maybe, I can help lap you find a buyer, but honestly this shouldnt be the first thing in business like this.
      Thanks for checking

  4. Sir, your write up is quiet interesting but you haven’t mention any of the buyers. Of PKO. I will be greatfull if you can send me a contact address of any individual or company that need PKO.

    • @Mr Samson, I want to thank you for making my work very easy. I also like to thank you for finding earnbase very useful.
      As for your question; to be honest with you. This is one business that you don’t look for buyers. However, there is one problem common to this type of business – short of supply! There will be cases when you wont be able to meet the demand and not the other way round.
      Maybe, I should try and mention some reasons why buyers are always available for the type of business:
      1. Palm kernel oil are used in producing soap
      2. Palm kernel cake are used in producing animal feeds
      3. Refined palm kernel oil are edible and very healthy and many other reasons. The end is endless!!!


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