Over 375 Genuine Foreign Buyers Contacts in USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA and AFRICA (UPDATED)

contacts of foreign buyers

Finally, you can now lay your hand on the Over 375 Genuine Foreign Buyers Contacts in USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA and AFRICA. For those who want to start right and safe with some of their investments. I have decided to give out my list to help you get started. Just like I told you in one of my last posts. What is the need for a business without customers? and how can you stay in business without customers? that is why getting your customers ready is very important when it comes to exportation business. Remember getting customers is one of the 5 Golden rules.

I honestly don’t want to give this out before; not even for any price, because is not part of the export tutorials I promised but my readers will not let me rest. This made me rethink, and besides, I do not want any of my readers to be another victim.

However, there are so many ways you can sell your export products to your customers. You have the option of pre-selling your products if you have your customers list. This will enable you to send them a proposal, sample, and quotation to your customers as at when due.

The second way is by waiting for them to locate you; this is only possible if you have a website where your customer can locate you by Google – organic search.

That is why selling your export products can be very easy if you have genuine foreign customers contact information. That is the power of the BIG boys in exportation – Foreign Customers Contacts. This is where some people got it all wrong!!!

After the whole stress of sourcing and packaging your products; will it not be good if you have genuine foreign buyers to contact directly? That is exactly what you are going to get and many more! This list is already categories into:

  1. Contacts of Foreign Restaurants: There are restaurants that needs African ingredients to make there meals because they specialize in purely African dishes.
  2. Contacts of Foreign Local Markets: These are Local market sellers of African ingredients abroad. They are market for medium scale exporters.
  3. Contacts of Wholesalers or Suppliers: These are suppliers that need African products in very large quantity. They are markets for large export.
  4. List of Genuine Registered Exporters In Nigeria: There are over 1,035 contacts of registered exporters in Nigeria.
  5. List of Genuine Performing Exporters In Nigeria: This list is a GEM; it contains over 500 detailed contacts of performing/practicing Exporters in Nigeria. No trial by errors again!!!
  6. Genuine Undisclosed URLs where you can get foreign buyers aside from Alibaba.

The export market is even larger than Nigeria economy.

What you will get is not an address of the foreign buyer but their full contact, like their:

  • Physical address that can be verified by Google map
  • Phone numbers
  • Skype contact
  • Emails
  • Websites

I will also give you a website where you will genuine foreign buyer update request. By this, I mean you will see the buyer’s request as he is making them on the website. It is always updated with buyer’s request.


For Today Only;

You Can Get It For N25,500


That is not all!!!

I will also teach you the tricks that will make you pay less with NIPOST; it is an insider secret.

I know we all have all been scammed at least once and the only way to guide against this is to business with people of integrity alone.

Why You Should Buy From Earn Base

  1. to help continue in giving genuine and undiluted information.
  2. this is an exclusive offer for our readers alone!!!
  3. we want to wing your trust
  4. these are genuine contacts of foreign buyers
  5. unannounced bonuses

Less I forget, this offer is for a limited time as I reserve the right to increase the price of the package anytime.


There are lots of things changing in the world of exportation; that is why you need to plugin to this OFFER NOW before the price goes up.

However, Earn Base do not charge you extra for updates on any of our products.

For example:

We have JUST ADDED the following FOR FREE to this OFFER NOW!!!!

  1. Australian Wholesalers and Distributors Contacts
  2. Buyers and Distributors Of African Foodstuff Contacts
  3. Canadian Market Contacts
  4. Distributors and Manufacturers In Nigeria
  5. Florida Market Contacts
  6. London Buyers and Distributors Of African Foodstuff
  7. New Hampshire Market
  8. New York Market
  9. North Carolina Market
  10. United Kingdom Wholesalers Contacts
  11. United State Wholesalers Contacts
  12. South Africa Distributors and Manufacturers

That is not all…

  • Updated Contact
  • Updated Export Urls
  • Trade Leads
  • Other Markets


For Today Only;

You Can Get It For N25,500

Payment Procedure First-Bank-Of-Nigeria

Make a payment Or Bank Transfer of 25,500 to the following bank address:  

First Bank

Account Number: 2032848148  

Account Name: Africhant Solutions

After payment:

Send Teller’s Number, Name, Email to 08060023272. And you get the address list your mail box.

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89 thoughts on “Over 375 Genuine Foreign Buyers Contacts in USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA and AFRICA (UPDATED)”

  1. Hi am chioma am interested on exporting goods from Nigeria n i have access to most demanding stuff.pls I need help on how to get buyers pls i need ur contact numbr to call thanks

  2. Am interested in the contacts list including the free additional stuffs. Is the contact still available. Pls what license do I to get to start exporting business thanks.

  3. Please I am a Ghanaian and am specialised in yams business and want to start export how can get trusted constumers in the Europe and Americas

  4. Hi thank you for the information. It is certainly very helpful.
    I am Gladys.I live in the US .I am very interested in this business albeit at a very low scale because I do not have a lot of money, unfortunately. I am currently doing my market research and feasibility studies , especially to identify potential clients here in the US. I am therefore very interested in the list you intend to put out,
    once more ,thank you.

  5. My name is Dotun,i want to know how genuine and how often do you update your package.Moreover do you have contacts of buyers of charcoal in the package.

  6. Sir am interested in exporting yams from Ghana to usa and canada,can you help me with buyers please.I already have the a company registered in the usa and i have got the fda permit to import yams here.
    Can you please help me buyers information please.
    Send me your contact information.

  7. My name is Ofure I have a large ogbono farm ie bush mango please I need foreign buyers also how do I convinced them to do business with me also please drop your contact

  8. To be honest , have never seen a site as informative as this. I have been on this site for hours. I have read various subjects and I am amaze at the raw openness and simplicity. May God bless you.

    • @Ope, thank you for being appreciative. unfortunately, the WhatsApp group is only for those who bought the package sir.
      Thanks and see you on a greater height.

  9. This is very educative one my export products are ready i will contact you am into cocoa, plantain and ginger. looking forward to us working together. cheers

    • Am sorry about that but you need to show your Identity. Why will you come to a blog and be anonymous and expected to be treated like an individual when I don’t even know your sex.

    • Am sorry about that but you need to show your Identity. Why will you come to a blog and be anonymous and expected to be treated like an individual when I don’t even know your sex.

  10. sir, are you living in lagos for me to see you personally because i used to search for buyer online but anytime i send them mail nobody among them reply but as i come across ur site and read about it am impressed about it pls what i really need is genuine foreign buyer can u link me up.

  11. Good day sir. My Name is Prince Alvis and i would want to know where and how to notify you when i make my payment. Thanks for all the help sir.

  12. I am sodiq Moshood am interested in exportation of bitter kola and chilli pepper want to buy the contact buyers pls do i need to register with cac to start with small quantity? Thanks

  13. Good Work Mr… I did export some Nigeria food stuffs late last year and there where crunch in uk london… I was then told that Eguci is not allowed in Europe at all and that’s why it was crunched. How do will export egusi to Europe Sir… and how do I get genuine buyer of eguci… thanks

    • @Abraham, there is no two way about it. If a country does not want that product; export something else!
      No need wasting your time finding your way around a crunched product.

  14. Good day Bros, pls confirm you have updated list of foreign buyers for agro commodities and other exportable products.

    Pls let me know, am interested.



    • @Babalola, there are more to our export package than just the contact list. However, I confirmed updated list and FREE uodate in the future. If you have also being following us you will know that we update our package every time with current training and trends.
      You are welcome on board Babs

  15. hello @earnbase… you are a blessing in disguise. my name is richard alphonsus residing in PH. i’d love all the information i can get to export bitter kola… Were do i begin as a fresher, with an initial capital of #150,000.00 pls reply ASAP.

    • @Richard, thanks for the compliment! The first thing is to start acquiring information on the subject of EXPORT. You can start by reading all our posts on exportation here on earnbase.
      Thanks once again

  16. Compliments of the season, can I still pay for this package. I’m a starter and I would like to go into local produce export next year.

  17. i want to go and pay for this contacts but a bit skeptical knowing how greedy Africans especially Nigerians can be. why have you chosen to share such vital infomation with us? is this your line of business? and how can a fresher like me convince a prospective buyer to pay for my products?

    • @Onimisi, smiles; Africans are nice and honest too my brother.
      Is it my line of business? Yes,It is my line of business! Why am I sharing such vital information? I want people to start making money with exportation too and as for the fresher; let the fresher stay in touch with EarnBase and follow instructions.
      Thanks for visiting https://www.earnbase.com

  18. So, I’ve been receiving calls based on my earlier comments from ‘careful’ prospects regarding Earnbase’s product.

    I’ll put Y’all to rest. He’s genuine and his product even more resourceful. Changed my business. Part of the honest few in this comatose economy.

    So abeg make una free me and deal with him if you are really serious about the export business ☺ Adios

  19. Good morning Sir, I want to pay for your Foreign buyers contact but I am seeing two different numbers, one on this page and another MTN number on the homepage. Is the same person or we have two different people promoting this website?…


    • Mr Joseph Edoh,Thanks for your interest sir.
      Both numbers are owned by me.
      The MTN is for WhatsApp 08060023272 you can always add me up While the GLO 08057757272 is for keeping purchase record.

      Thanks once again

  20. your blog is very informative.
    Please can you explain the payment aspect of this? Like, how do i receive payment for goods exported? Please reply, thank you

  21. God bless you sooo much for all the info. I’ve been lookin for a mentor on this export business since October 2015. To now stumble on this wealth of experience even for free…i feel like kissin your feet! I have Ofada rice, vitA enriched gari in tonnes and powdered fufu and poundo yam. But i’ll like to start small . PLEASE I need PRACTICAL HELP to start. God bless you!

  22. OK then. Well satisfied with that. Thanks. Will order next week. Can we talk or are you on WhatsApp? My Mobile is 08034224663. You could add me. Thanks

  23. How many buyers of bitter kola do you have in your list, where are they based and are they genuine buyers? Please Oga Earnbase, let’s be honest. Thanks.


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