43 thoughts on “How To Open A Verified PayPal Account With Nigeria IP (UPDATED)”

  1. Hello sir, thanks for the information but I opened my PayPal like you said but got confused on 1) whether its necessary to add bank (2)how to receive payments with it (3) how to add my add cos they said my gtbank ATM card couldn’t be verified that I should try again or use another card. Please help me out. Also I’m trying open a payoneer account so as to get their card but as I’m in makurdi for nysc don’t know how to go about the shipping address for my card. Hope you can help me out.

  2. Hello boss. What is the process of withdrawing from my UAE PayPal account.
    How do I feel these fields:

    Business first legal name
    Business second legal name
    Full business name.
    Is it my name and surname? I will enter?
    Please give example with names on each of them .

  3. Please have a challenge adding my card, this is the respond “The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer’s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.”

  4. well done boss! i already have a us paypal liked to my payoneer account. can i open the recommended one using my names as it was used for the us paypal though with a different email?

      • Hello boss, from your experience which of the Nigerian banks ATM are linkable ? Can any account b used or must it b a domiciliary account?
        Thank you.

        • You can use either GTBank, Access or Eko Bank. Secondly, the account does not need to be a domiciliary account. Thanks for visiting EARNBASE

          • Nice one boss!
            Pls, must it b my ATM that I have to link. Can’t I link my account number ?
            When registering, where they have: business first and last legal name, will that b my name and surname? Then the business name, will that b my full names?

          • Yes please! You can only link an ATM. However, you don’t have to have a registered business name. Just make sire the name looks truely like a business name.

  5. Thanks for your help. It worked for me. But please I want to ask if I can use my naira debit cards that have always been declined previously to link my account

  6. Thanks for the information,
    please can i transfer my money from the paypal to my Nigerian bank, and please can my Nigerian bank fund the paypay account.
    and please are they going to send little amount on my Nigeria
    bank to confirm the account or they are to remove little amount from me to confirm my bank account.

  7. Hi David, I appreciate your article on new paypal opening tricks. I tried it but was stuck in identity verification. Can I use my normal Nigeria National ID?

  8. Sir,

    I already have a verified pay pal account linked to my GT Bank account. But i could only remit and not earn and receive money with it.
    Now, is it still possible to open a business account without them detecting me?


    • @David, I will advice you use a different card. That account was a Nigeria account; it can only send payment and not receive.
      Thanks for checking earnbase


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