Ntel Nigeria, A Pain In The NECK

When it comes to data bundle providers; Ntel has the cheapest data bundle plan – no doubt; unfortunately, they also have the worst service and customer’s service relationship. As a result of the nature of my job, I use data a lot, which made me a data surveyor – I have tested ALL the network in Lagos Nigeria; from CDMA’s to GSM, and 4G LITEs; so, I know what am saying when it comes to these data bundle providers.

You see, I have been on the internet from the time of Multilinks and Starcoms; I must confess, the worst of them all is Ntel Nigeria – no hate. I came to this conclusion after considering some factors, which I am going to share with you shortly. So, if you are thinking of any Data Bundle Network/Provider – Ntel Nigeria is never an option.

Sometimes last year, I was with some of my friends and they told me how great Ntel was, and how they have been enjoying unlimited data bundle for just 7,000 or 10,000. I am an internet person, and things like don’t freak me easily! I thought they could see from my countenance, that I was not freaked; so, they changed the topic. Around June or July this year, another friend of my brought up the same Ntel topic, with so much praise; this time around, I felt I should give it a try. To be honest with you, that was a very BIG mistake. Not because of their Network issues, but their ugly customer’s service relationship – it’s the worst have ever seen.

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Top 5 Reasons NEVER To Use Ntel Nigeria

  1. Unstable Network: This is actually not a BIG; as MTN, SWIFT, GLO, SPECTRANET, SMILE, AIRTEL and ETISALAT all have their downtime. Although, this varies, but I can tell you Ntel is not far from the top on this.
  2. Inaccurate Rollover: This is particularly about Ntel. The first time I noticed this; I thought it was a mistake; so I overlooked it. However, it became dawn on me Ntel was doing this deliberately, instead of extending your data expiring date by 30 days; they will just extend by few days, usually less than 14 days. If you are a doubting Thomas, and you like to verify my claim; just try subscribing before your data expiring date, and you will know that Jesus is Lord.
  3. Recharge Problem: This is also peculiar to Ntel; you see, before you can have data on your Ntel SIM, it is expected to load it with money. Unfortunately, this process is very hectic; in most cases, it takes weeks to succeed in funding your account via their various platform, which can be very annoying.
  4. Data Conversion Problem: I have never seen this as a problem until I tried Ntel; with Ntel it takes weeks to convert your Money to Data. Often time, you will have to send series of emails, or go to their social media pages and start BEGGING them. I mean real BEGGING! If you are in doubt,  check the photos I uploaded from their social profiles. These are verifiable; just go to either Facebook (@ntelng) or Twitter (@ntelcare or @ntelng) and see people begging ontop of their money – it’s pathetic bro!
  5. Worst Customer Relation: For Ntel POOR is an understatement; as a matter of fact, they are worse than WORST itself – trust me! Their customer email is dead! Their Phone number is useless! And their social media…are buried! They are not just anywhere! If you are still in doubt; here is their official email: [email protected] try and send them a mail, and see if you will ever get any response.

Please, share your experience in the comment below if you are an ntel user, and save others from falling victim.

5 thoughts on “Ntel Nigeria, A Pain In The NECK”

  1. This is the first time i will ever use Ntel and i can attest to the fact that loading airtime on the network is tasking and frustrating. As i speak i am not still able to load airtime on the sim. Its so pathetic. The website has been undergoing maintenance for so many days now.


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