Why You Are Not Making Money With BULK SMS Business

bulk sms businessBulk SMS is a common business in Nigeria this days and almost every body is trying to get involved. Bulk SMS business is a very good business I must confess; but very difficult to make a living with it. However, was my only source of income when in the university.

In fact, I had a time when I made 50,000 in a day; on some other days nothing! I would probably have continued in the business if I had the experience I have now two years ago. I quite the business because of my integrity and lack of right information. In this piece today, I will tell you what I mean by INTEGRITY and RIGHT INFORMATION.

As for me, I started on the wrong lane with the wrong information. From Poor design to deadly web hosting service combined with unstabled unit rate.

When I started my BULK SMS business four years ago I started as a re-seller. Little did I know that my mother website or provider was also a re-seller to another website. In fact, I was the fifth in the chain of business then. I mean: The HOST – FIRST RESELLER – SECOND RESELLER – THIRD RESELLER – FOURTH RESELLER – FIFT RESELLER (ME). This means that all the other resellers above me with make some money off me; no matter how small. If the real HOST is selling to the  FIRST RESELLER for 0.75k. Then  the FIRST RESELLER will sell to the SECOND RESELLER for 0.85k or 0.90k. Then the SECOND RESELLER will sell to the THIRD RESELLER for 1.00k. Then  the THIRD RESELLER will sell to the FOURTH RESELLER for 1.20k or 1.25k. Then the FOURTH RESELLER will sell to the FIFT RESELLER (ME) at 1.35k and I will sell to my client at 1.50k because I want to also be in the completion. So, the first issue is that most of this bulk SMS providers are re-sellers to one BIG HOST.

The second important issue with my BULK SMS business then was my hosting provider. It was a terrible hosting provider – SERVER22. You will regret it if you business with that company. Server22 is not the worst hosting company I ever used anyway. I have also tried DREAMTERA – this is the worst of all the hosting provider I ever used. I can promise you; there can’t be any hosting provider as terrible as WWW.DREAMTERA.COM.


If you are not making money with your bulk SMS; it is either you are a re-seller in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh or eight chain.

Another reason why you are not making money is probably because of a terrible hosting provider.

The Solutions

  1. Try and be a reseller to your HOST provider
  2. Get a good web hosting provider

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