Why You Need To Come For EarnBase HouseHold Production Training

Sometimes around October last year; I received a call from one Alhaji. At first, I do not want to see him, because I was busy, but Alhaji won’t give up. As a matter of fact, we had several failed appointments, but Alhaji persisted. So, after two failed appointments, we finally met! That is what happens when need meets passion!

Alhaji, why are we here sir? Why do you come to see me all the way from Sokoto? My brother, there is one soap winning the market in the whole of Soktoto, and still winning. He said he had consulted and tried the so-called expert in the industry, but all to no avail. Most of these self-acclaimed experts were from the East. Fortunately, Alhaji came with a sample of the soap; after the whole discussion, he brought out the sample soap. He told me the features he was looking for; I mean, the uniqueness of that liquid soap. He said, none of the liquid soaps in Sokoto could stand this particular liquid soap – it was from Cameroon!

After a critical look at the soap; I told him, our production is better than this, but Alhaji objected. He insisted he doesn’t want anything better, that he wants a liquid soap as the same as the one from Cameroon. So, we had to strike a deal to convince him; if my production is better than the liquid soap from Cameroon – Alhaji, will pay 100,000. But if otherwise, he will pay 30,000. Deal or no deal? Deal!!!

So, Alhaji paid 30,000 right at that spot, and we went into production. We agreed, he will pay the balance of 70,000 if only he was satisfied with the production outcome after testing all the features he wanted. I will be teaching you more about the features in our February training and how we achieved them! Two days after the production; Alhaji transferred my balance of 70,000! We don’t just make mouth when it comes to household production; we know what works! In the February training, you will learn the real secret that makes your production stands out!

In the training, I will be teaching you 6 hot products, and how to formulate your own special recipe. After this training, you will no longer be a copy and paste producer. Lol…

Remember, people are already paying for this training; as we do not have the facility to accommodate everyone. So, it’s going to be on first come first serve basis. Mind you, there are lots of bonuses that come along with this trading. You can check them out here

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