NCAN Distributes Cashew Seeds To farmers In Nigeria


It is true that you can’t be every where, but honestly good things are happening in Nigeria; all we need to do is to just open our mind and be willing to learn. You see, the problem with most of us is that we do not like CHANGE; we have an unwavering love for our COMFORT ZONE. Mind you, when I said change; I do not mean APC Change o o o  lol.

You know why am feeling like this today? Because opportunities are all around around us all! Last week I was in a place to give a seminar on businesses you can do with little or no capital and someone asked a question. His question was; when is the right time to start a business? And my answer? The right time to start a business is when you can no longer bear your comfort zone any more; that moment you are tired of everything and want nothing but CHANGE.

That aside, I brought you some good news as usual for those of you who are into Cashew farming. The National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN) on Monday said that it had started distribution of high-yielding seeds to farmers and residents who wish to venture into cashew production.

NCAN’s spokesman, Mr Sotonye Anga, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the seeds have a maximum maturity period of two years. Anga said the demand for Nigeria’s cashew was enough to motivate Nigerians and government to take cashew production seriously.

“From findings, the quickest way to venture into profitable business is to start a cashew farm on an expanse of land like 100 hectares anywhere in Nigeria.

“We will support that farmer with premium quality high-yielding seedlings which we are currently distributing to already existing and intending farmers,’’ he said. He also said that the first 100 days of the year elapsed on April 10, urging Nigerians to take action to further promote government’s diversification drive from oil.

“By July 10, we would have used up another 100 days in this year; that would make 200 days, so, we want people to get serious and take immediate action. “There is a ready market for cashew because the demand for Nigerian cashew is increasing by the day, “ Anga said.

However, I will be writing on how you can get government acquired land for farming and how you can buy none government acquired land for farming at a very cheap price. I think we should start thinking on long term investment now. I hope this helps someone.

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