Moziah Bridges; The Youngest CEO

Moziah-Bridges_40307This is Moziah Bridges, the CEO of Mo’s Bows. He was from a single mother and certainly set a good example for many young guys to follow with his successful bow tie business. Moziah is 13years and has raked in a whopping $200,000 for himself in bow tie sales.

His bow ties have produced $200,000 in sales, and he has five (5) employees on payroll which include his mother and grandmother.

Moziah, learned to sew bow tie from his grandmother and later started his company Mo’s Bows in 2011 at a tender age of nine. He has been celebrated by Oprah’s O Magazine, Steve Harvey and mentor/FUBU founder Daymond John.

He took her (grandmother) scraps of fabric and began making unique bow ties. Not long after, Mo’s Bows began selling to local stores and online.

MOZIAH 2 editHis business, Mo’s Bows, was born of his love for bow ties and his dissatisfaction with the selection available for kids his age. Even worse than the poor color selection, they were all clip-ons–Bridges believed real men should tie their own ties. His grandmother taught him to sew by hand and to use a sewing machine, using scraps to create his favorite neck wear.

Not quit long, he had created his own collection of more than two dozen bow ties. Friends and family fell in love with his creations. Bridges upped his production, fashioning tidy bow ties from his grandmother’s vintage fabrics in an array of floral and African prints, and even scraps of old taffeta dresses.

On his website Bridges explains his passion for making bow ties saying, “I like to wear bow ties because they make me look good and feel good. Designing a colorful bow tie is just part of my vision to make the world a fun and happier place.”

Bridges appeared on Shark Tank in 2014 to pitch Mo’s Bows to potential investors. He had to choose between accepting $50,000 for his innovative idea while sharing royalties with Kevin O’Leary, or have John as a mentor.

The young businessman chose John’s influence over money, and so far the decision has proven to be a wise one.

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