MMM Nigeria Needs Help – MMM Participants Cried Out!!!

Enough of this whole pretense and come out BOLD to help MMM! Frankly speaking, I am yet to see a loyal and bold MMM participant like Adex! I know some MMM loyal will get angry but honestly, we need to be straight with ourselves for once. No doubt, MMM has helped millions of Nigerians if not Billions of them but the truth remains the same – MMM will crash!

Over the weekend, I met a PONZI guru over the weekend who came to me for a website; after a long discussion, I discover so many MMM participants are GREEDY and don’t even care what happens to their fellow Nigerians. This young guy was telling me he needed a website to promote some PONZI schemes so that he can grow to the post of Guidance in no time. He said he has stopped investing on MMM and some related schemes but will like to promote them on his website; so that others can join through his referrer link – what a soul! That is actually the mind of so many MMM participant. The acclaimed reason of the system is not actually the reality – leave it all take! The painful thing about this whole thing is that those who makes the REAL cash usually don’t invest their money. They are busy referring innocent people and smiling to the bank!

Late last year; I was chatting with some MMM guidance and they told me they were very sure that MMM will come back January 14th 2017 as promised but was not sure how long it will last before the FINAL ZAGA!!! They also said MMM will request her guidance to starting Providing Help (PH) as to get in some FUN to start paying people who want to Get Help (GH). But unfortunately, some Guidance have refused to provide Help – a small fraction (20,000) of their MMM cake.

Honestly, I don’t think this should be a problem for MMM guidance looking at the money they have made from the popular PONZI scheme MMM but GREED won’t let them Provide Help (PH) even if it is 1,000. Here comes my question; why is it so difficult for MMM guidance to Provide the 20,000 help? GREED!!!

A closer look on the image above will tell you the critical stage of MMM; how far GREEDINESS as eaten so DEEP into the system.

If you take a look at what Adex wrote you will see how GREED is killing our people. Anyway, I hope this info will help the wise!

However, I think MMM participants are now biting the hand that FED them. Where are those who used MMM to build house, do wedding, buy cars and do so many wonderful things. I think an English man says “one good turn deserves another” but that is not the case here.

If MMM has helped you; why not stand to help the system that once helped you? Enough of taking and taking from the community; if you believe in the system them do something.

I am not mocking MMM participants neither am I mocking the system but my point is that MMM needs FUNDS now and its participant should rise to aid the system if they believe in the system; at least the system once helped them.

If you think I have gotten something wrong or you have something to add to this post; while not leave it as a comment below.

2 thoughts on “MMM Nigeria Needs Help – MMM Participants Cried Out!!!”

  1. This is by no means surprising – like program like participants. I hope some people are wise enough to decide for themselves what is right in a time like this. I even hear say the whole MMM thing don crash. Na true Earnbase?

    • @ Jide, thank you for your comment! Honestly, I cannot categorically say whether or not the giant PONZI scheme MMM as crashed or not. But one thing am sure of is that MMM will not last forever!!!


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