Understanding Media Buying

Another paid traffic generation method you can rely on to help you boost traffic to your site would be media buying – or more specifically, online media buying. You ready? Let’s get into the details.

What Exactly Is Media Buying?

Media buying is different from “owned” or “earned” media. Media buying works in a way that you purchase the most strategic and advantageous slots and spaces for the advertisements of your product or service.

There is a wide range of media buying options one can choose from, ranging from newspaper ads, to primetime television slots and online banner adverts. Since we’re looking here from a digital business perspective, this post will be more focused on media buying in the context of internet marketing, online banner ads. These form of ads come in the form of graphic rectangular displays that you see on the top, bottom or sides of a website that is either static, or animated.

5 Key Variables To A Successful Media Buying Campaign

Before we get into the specifics, it should be noted that there are a few important variables that must be taken into account if you choose to go down this route. This is for you stay on the right track, ensuring and maximizing your return on investment while minimizing potential losses.

When your ads are not working, it can almost and always be traced back to anyone or few of these variables.

The 5 key elements are as follows:

  1. The demographics of your prospective customers
  2. The offer
  3. Your landing page
  4. The source of traffic
  5. Your ad copy

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First, are these the demographics of your prospective clients.? Before putting up your banner on a specific site, you must identify who your target audiences are.

These are the few vital questions you should ask about your audience:

 Who are they?

 Where is their location?

 What site are they on?

 What are they interested in?

Try and answer the respective questions to get a bigger picture on how you should strategize your ads and which site should you select to display them. If you put the right offer in front of the wrong demographic, surely it will get you nowhere.

The Offer

The second variable should be your offer. You must be really sure of what your offer is about, which should answer the following questions:

 What are you selling?

 What are the price points?

 What are your upsells and down sells?

One of the effective ways to model your offer is of course by reverse engineering. How? You should go through or purchase your competitor’s offer! Yes, that’s the ultimate secret. It is a form of ‘research’ where you do not have to devise an entirely new plan for your business. Instead, you tweak your offer according to your competitor’s. When you’ve found a proven model, then you should just go with it. Why waste resources?

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Your Landing Page

Third, is your landing page. The landing page is the most important page in the sales funnel. Your landing page is where the prospective clients will be directed after they have clicked on your ad. The landing page should provide information on what you’re selling, where it can be in the form of videos or previews.

Whatever it is that you’re planning to do? Make sure that you cater towards your group of audience and what is working for them right now. Always observe the market. Again, work backward and adopt a landing page that is already proven to be successful.

Your Traffic Source

Let’s move on to the fourth variable, which is your traffic source. As mentioned in the previous module, most ad campaigners do not realize that the source of traffic is already there. Online users are constantly navigating from site to site every minute. How do you redirect them to you?

Your Ad Copy

Last but not least, is your ad copy. The ad copy is equally as important as the other elements as it is the gravitational factor that influences the prospective clients to decide on whether or not they should click on your ad to know more. It determines your click!

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