How To Market Your Offer To Potential Customers

Your website may look great, and you may be offering really fantastic products – but all will not make a difference at all if people out there have no clue at all about its existence.

Of course, we are not suggesting that you neglect both of these aspects in your online business – both are equally important as well. However, there is an additional key element you should not miss, one that can potentially make or break your online business – traffic, also known as your site visitors.

The key to earning massive profit with your online business (and also keeping your business viable) is being able to generate massive amounts of traffic to your website.

This is only logical. More visitors = more exposure and brand visibility. This means more opportunities to make an impression, share your brand and build a relationship with them. Combined with a brilliant product that meets needs and an impressive website, this will naturally result in more conversions, which means more sales!

In order to do just that, you need a way to get the word out there to the masses, and give people a reason to visit your site. And this can only be done via online marketing methods, otherwise known as traffic generation.

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Tips For Quality Traffic Generation

There are many methods and tactics available out there to help you generate traffic. There are paid methods you can use for this purpose, and there are also channels that are completely free of charge.

Among the available methods are Google Adwords, Solo Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram and Pinterest.

In the coming chapters, we will discover more about these different avenues available for traffic generation, and learn how to use these methods to tweak our traffic numbers.

However, before we venture down this path of discovery and learning, there is one thing that you should keep in mind at all times – you should first and foremost, focus on traffic quality over traffic volume.

Numbers are important, but traffic quality should be prioritized even more. The traffic you get should, in fact, be targeted – people who will very likely find

your services or products a good fit with their needs and wants. Only then you will see high rates of conversions.

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How then can you ensure quality traffic?

  1. Study Your Traffic Numbers

Put your analytics to good use – study it carefully. Study it to find where your sales are coming from. Look out for key performance indicators and metrics – this includes Click-Through-Rates (CTR), conversion rates, bounce rates and customer lifetime values.

This way, you can measure and identify visitors that are valuable, and use that information to replicate success and enhance website traffic quality.

  1. User-Friendly Website Navigation and Design Your website should be user-friendly. Period.

Users should be able to find what they are looking for with minimal effort, with just a few clicks. Speed is also an important factor here – loading times should be short.

Not only that, website design should as simple as possible and at the same time, be aesthetically pleasing. It should not look too cluttered and complicated – that will drive visitors away instead. Colors should be simple and words readable and clear.

Having a mobile version of your website also helps, and most people nowadays surf the web using their mobile devices.

  1. Your Website Content Focus on the quality of your website content, and also consider a more multifaceted approach with the mediums you use to present your content. Incorporating popular formats like videos, webinars, infographics and case studies will help you to reach out to more people, which will help you to get higher quality traffic.

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