Many Marketers Failed Because The Did Not DO This

Can you imagine getting a horse to water and putting in a lot of work to do so? This is how most marketers do things. They put in a lot of time, effort and energy trying to drum up traffic to a video. So far, so good. They’re doing a great job.

They come up with an amazing video. People pay attention to the video. They get people’s attention, and they’re talking about the right stuff. Again, so far, so good.

The problem is after all this time and effort, they fail to do this one thing, and they do not earn money. Can you imagine that? Working all that hard, going through all that process, putting in all that time only to fall flat at the end.

What did they do that is so bad? Well, more specifically, what did they fail to do? Well, they failed to call their viewers to action. Simple as that. If you fail to do that, you’re not going to make money. No way, no how.

Why? Your customers are not mind readers. They don’t know that they have to do something to put dollars in your pocket. They don’t know that. You have to call your viewers to action.

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Interestingly enough, when it comes to video, you have to call them to action repeatedly. This is key to persuasion. So, you’re basically saying, “Okay, to solve this problem, do this” and then you explain in a video some more and you build more credibility and then you call them to action again. You have to do it repeatedly because this is key to persuasion.

You have to understand that one of the biggest tricks salespeople use is to repeat the same concept over and over again. Of course, they’re not going to do this in a mechanical way. They’re not going to look like robots. They’re not going to look like they lack personality. That’s not going to work.

Instead, you have to call them to action repeatedly in context. In other words, you call them to action specific to the benefits they get from your video.

Let’s say I am promoting a dog training course online. This is a course made up of several videos that helps people train their dogs. Instead of just saying to the viewers of my video to click on the link at the Description so they can sign up for my course, I would set it up this way:

“Are you sick and tired of your dog trying to bite your guests? Are you sick and tired of your dog peeing all over the place? Well, it’s not your dog’s fault. Click on the link below to work with your dog’s habits so they work for you instead of against you. This little trick can help preserve your relationship with your dog while at the same time training your dog.”

Do you think people would pay attention? Of course, they will. Why? I spoke to their needs. I qualified them based on their problems and then I promised them a benefit. That’s how you call people to action. You don’t just say “Click on the link”. That’s not going to cut it.

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