How To Make Powder Detergent Within 3 Hours

I am not going to share the pictures of our last event, neither will I share the videos… lol. I just felt there are needs to discuss some common problems with the production of powder detergent, and why you should give it a try.

However, there are many types of powder detergents, as there are different ways of productions. There are some powder detergents that are very smooth, while there are some with moist effect. Among the many methods, I can tell you of one sure, certain, effective, and efficient way of powder detergent production.

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Why You Should Consider Powder Detergent Production

  1. It is not as commonly produced when compared to liquid soap
  2. It’s easy to package
  3. Packaging is cheap
  4. It’s fast, as it can be ready within 4 hours
  5. It is profitable

You see, EarnBase don’t just teach; we teach exactly what works!

In our last training, there was a woman in attendance; who had spent several amounts on bar soap production, but no avail. When she called to register for the training; she exercises her fear over the phone, but I assured her that this training will be different. At first, she was skeptical, but later trust me after so much talk; to God be the glory, she confessed her husband was not even in the support, because of their awful past training experience. This is someone who had spent over 35,000 on previous training. She was glad she did not miss our training.

Not that alone, just in the same training; I had someone who had been producing liquid soap for sometimes, but was never certified with her production because her customers were always complaining. She lodged all her complains and I promise to help her. In the training, we made a liquid soap she was proud of within 10 minutes. Yes, 10 minutes! I am sure she will be smiling reading this post.

I know there are some of you who want everything for free, that shows your value. Sir, when it comes to business; the best things are not FREE! So, can we talk about the challenges of powder detergent?

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Challenges of Powder Detergent

Here are the major challenges of producing a powder detergent. Some of which are not visible to all.

  1. Wrong Production processes: This is when you use the wrong production process. Where you miss the order of chemicals and other important procedures.
  2. Wong Chemical Measurement: I have told you this before; when it comes to soap production – measurement is key. Get the measurement wrong, and you can be sure of a poor production.
  3. Unnecessary Additional Chemicals: This happens when you spend so much on your production, because of the unnecessary chemicals. Why not get trained and stop wasting money, doing trial by error!
  4. Smoothing: Yes, there are some productions that can’t be smoothened for obvious reasons. This is another reason for getting trained by professionals.
  5. Long Production Time: You see, there are some productions that can be used until after 4 weeks. But with my method, your powder detergent will be ready within 3 hours – just 3 hours!

Here is another opportunity –  not for everyone though. Just for those that could not make it to my last training for some reasons, which is definitely not CASH! So, here is another opportunity to learn how to make powder detergent and bar soaps.

Coming up on the 16th of June 2018.

For more information, please call 08060023272

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  1. am a producer of bar soap for laundry as am having this issue of my soap finishing on time like it quickly finish while using it to wash pls what can I add to prevent it so that it can last longer

  2. Sir, i value the information you give out on powdered detergent production. Please Sir, i would like to know if the process of producing powdered detergent require heating (placing oil on fire to a certain heating point)?


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