How To Make Liquid Bathing Soap In Nigeria

I was with a friend over the weekend, and we got talking about Nigerians taking up responsibilities like never before. It was an extensive, funny chat, but taught provoking! You see, in my country, Nigeria – every man for himself and God for us all!

So, if you are yet to start doing something for yourself – I pity you. Irrespective of the kind of job you are doing, if I must be honest with you; the era of job security and white kola jobs are gone!


Over the last few weeks, I have met over 70 people who lost their jobs for one reason or the other; 3% of these people are top class workers for Guinness, Chevron, Nokia, LG and some top telecommunication companies … Unfortunately, 98% of them never saw it coming! These are people, who pride themselves on what they do; they were so relevant to their job that they felt indispensable – far from the truth. If you are not the owner of the business – YOU ARE NOT SAFE! The fact is that life is not always the same with people who lost their job!

The deadly thing about being employed is that some of them even have their own dreams and aspirations of being self-employed, but because they had a GOOD PAYING job; they let go of their dreams to follow another man’s dream. They could not endure building their dreams; rather, they enjoyed working for others. You see, nothing is being an employee if you never had the vision of being your own boss. Nevertheless, if the thought of being your own boss has already eaten you up, and you are still working for someone – you are in great danger!
Here is the good news; there are lots of businesses you can do now with little or no start-up capital. Some of them you have here on earnbase, but doubt and laziness will not allow you to start anyway. No problem! You can keep wasting your data and time, ok?


There is no doubt or gainsaying that some people are already making a living for themselves on most of the homemade products we have here – I received calls from them always, and you know what? Such calls bring me fulfillment.

Today, I will be teaching us how to make liquid bathing soap or liquid soap for bathing; either way – you are right.

In case, you do not know; the cheapest bathing soap now in Lagos Nigeria, which is OKIN is now #70. This soap was sold for #20 early last year. If you are the type that wants something a bit better; you should consider, an average soap of #200, e.g., Dettol, Tesmosol … and if you are the type who have a taste for quality; then you should be prepared to spend at least #500 on bathing soap. Liquid bathing soap costs more anyway; as the cheapest is around #1,200. Do the mathematics and let us Kontinu…lol


Chemicals Needed For Producing Liquid Bathing Soap (25Liters)

Chemicals Name                   Quantities
1. Nitrozol …………………………….. ¼ kg
2. Laurel Rice ……………………….. 1kg
3. Texapon …………………………… ½ kg
4. STPP ……………………………….. 1kg
5. Pine Oil ……………………………. 1/8 liter
6. Phenol ……………………………… 1/8 liter
7. Glycerine ………………………….. 1/8 liter
8. Vitamin E …………………………. ¼ liter
9. Perfume …………………………… As desired
10. Color ……………………………… As desired

Step By Step Guide To Produce Liquid Bathing Soap

Step 1: Get two bowls, and name them: Bowl A and Bowl B
Step 2: Fill Bowl A with 20 liters of water
Step 3: Gradually pour ALL the Nitrozol in Bowl A and stir properly
Step 4: Add ALL the Laurel Rice to Bowl A and stir properly
Step 5: Add ALL the Texapon to Bowl A and stir properly
Step 6: Fill Bowl B with 2 liters of water
Step 7: Dissolve ALL the STPP into Bowl B
Step 8: Pour the CONTENT IN Bowl B into Bowl A
Step 9: Add small Pine oil into Bowl A and stir properly
Step 10: Add ALL the Phenol into Bowl A and stir properly
Step 11: Add ALL the Glycerine into Bowl A and stir properly
Step 12: Add ALL the Perfume into Bowl A and stir properly
Step 13: Add ALL the color into Bowl A and stir properly
Step 14: Add ALL the Vitamin E into Bowl A and stir properly
Step 15: Package, brand and sell

If you have any question; please, drop in the comment box below. I hope this helps someone today.

76 thoughts on “How To Make Liquid Bathing Soap In Nigeria”

    • Print bills and start selling at wholesales price. This won’t be too profitable at first, but it will help you gain the popularity.

  1. Thank you so much for this impactful recipe, please instead of glycerin and vitamin E, can I just add coconut oil and please can I get the recipe for 10ltrs

  2. Thanks so much sir, I want to try this. But what preservatives can I put to make it last longer. And if I want to add fruits extra like carrot or pawpaw, pls dear how do I do it incase I want to do it for sale so it can last longer. Thanks again

  3. Well done Sir… Thnx so much for ur teaching … I did mine yesterday following dis procedure n chemical.. But it was watery is it suppose to b so?.. DAT slippery n slimmy texture s not dere… N it smells like detol..I don’t knw why..even d perfume I used didn’t hve any effect.. Pls sir wat am I doing wrong

    • @Joy, there are lots of things that could cause it.

      1) the chemicals’ measurement
      2) the steps in the production processes
      3) the chemicals themselves

      That is why you need to be detailed about your question ma; what measurement did you use, and what are the chemicals.

  4. Thank u so much sir for this educative and inspiring write up on how to make izal,liquid soap etci have gone through all most all you production book on line,i must say i am motivate to get into production of izal,liquid soap ,but now i want make liquid bath soap and i come across this chemical soap flake,oil castor,jojoba etc my qustion is i am confuse on which method to follow.thank u

    • Soap has basic formulas; once you understand the basic formulas, you can miss any other things like flake, oil castor, jojoba etc

    • So, why did he or she tell you it’s name? There is none in the chemicals I use; so, I don’t know the chemical the person is saying.

  5. God Bless you earnBase, please where can one get quality vitamin E, as the ones in ojota snells like engine oil. Why do we have caustic soda and soda ash in the hair shampoo ingredients, knowing that the hair is as delicate as the body…..

    Thank you

  6. You have been a blessing to me and many outside there, God will bless u in return. Sir/ ma, is industrial salt good for liquid soap making and again after production my product will be thick but some days later it start losing it thickness why?. Pls, I Ned help.

  7. hello, this is awesome, please i want to ask, is it compulsory i add the phenol to the soap, whats the PH level of this soap, and when can i add my other additives like kojic acid if i am to make a lightening version. please drop your details too . thanks so much

  8. great write up. I am into organic skincare and I just want to if all these chemicals won’t harm the skin. Also if instead of pine oil….which other oils can be used either in replacement of or in addition to it. Thanks dear. Keep up the great work

    • @Joshua, the time interval do not matter as far as you stir properly. What determines the time the time it took you to stir properly.

  9. What ingredients do you suggest if I wanted to make a lightening shower gel. How much of it do I need and when do I add it to the mixture

  10. Thank you so much sir for this educative and inspiring write up on how to make liquid bath soap. I have gone through all your books online and I must say I am motivate to get into productions of some of the product. But my greatest challenge right now is the starting point. (I.e the registration of my company and Nafdac registration number). If I have 5-10k to start the business, how do I do for this registration process without me getting into trouble with them.

    • @Mercy, thank you for appreciating our effort; I am happy to hear that. However, I am sorry to tell you that PRODUCTION is not a business you can even start with 150k if you want your product registered. So, am not sure if I got you right.

    • Just go to a nafdac office they’ll give you their requirements that way you’ll know what you’re working towards. Registering a business name is now done on line and you don’t need a lawyer to do so. Also, you can start production and sell to people one on one. However, having a nafdac number helps you look more authentic and that way you can distribute to a wider market.

      I think having met all their (nafdac) requirements, registration only sets you back about 72k.

  11. Thank you so much. You’ve been a great help. The formulas you share have changed my life. Hopefully one day you’ll share how to make fabric softener. Thank you for helping me. God bless you


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