How To Make Liquid Air Freshener In Nigeria

how to make air freshener
If you are a nursing mother you will understand the importance of air freshener in the home. Sometimes we need to make our rooms, kitchens, offices, toilets and shops and smell nice. Maybe we have an occasion or a visitor coming up and we want them to feel comfortable with the odor of our inhabitant. Whatever might be your reasons to use air freshener; there is one thing that is certain – there will always be a need to use air freshener. Even if you are not making air freshener on a commercial purpose; you can always make it on a small scale for personal use.


Liquid air freshener is a highly concentrated perfume product with a cleaning component. Liquid Air freshener eliminates odors and spreads a pleasant fragrance. Because liquid air freshener is a liquid, it is easy to use in a spray bottle and therefore easy to spread throughout the room. Liquid Air Freshener is also usable as a mild cleaner.


Basically, liquid air freshener is used to take away odors (Offensive smells) and keep things smelling good and fresh.

So liquid air freshener is used in the following places in our homes

  1. The kitchen
  2. Garbage can
  3. The Diaper pail
  4. Bathroom
  5. Closets
  6. Rooms
  7. Hotels
  8. Restaurants
  9. Offices etc


The production of liquid air freshener is a very simple process that involves the combination or mixture of some ingredients (Chemicals) together. This Process does not require the use of any special equipment or machine. Everything can be done manually.


Containers (bowls)

Stirring rod (turning stick)


  1. Perfume………………1 Unit (This simply means; you should use 10% of your WATER quantity)
  2. Catalyst……………….1/10 Unit (This simply means; you should use 10% of your PERFUME quantity)
  3. Deionised Water (Warm Water) …… 10 Units (This is a determinant)
  4. Cooler (optional)

For example: If you are using 1kg (1,000g) of water; you will use 100g of PERFUME and 10g of Catalyst.




Step 1: Put the perfume and the catalyst into a container, close the container and Shake the content very well together

Step 2: Pour the mixture into an open bowl or bucket

Step 3: Using your measuring tool, measure the deionized water into it.

Step 4: Add color if need be and mix very well.

Now let us see your own liquid air fresher!!!

45 thoughts on “How To Make Liquid Air Freshener In Nigeria”

  1. Hello out there, and it’s nice to have come across ur page. There’s so much to learn and gain here. God bless u as u impact lives. Pls my question is this, what type of fragrance is used in making fresheners, cos someone told me it’s not the same used in making soap that is is used for air fresheners. SIR what’s the difference? Thanks and i look forward to it response.

    • Fragrance is fragrance; just that there are different types. You can use any fragrance for any production; so, I don’t know what that person means by saying some fragrance can only be used for soap and not for air freshener – this is not true. You can use the same fragrance if you wish. I hope I answered your question?

  2. Did you have office in Onisha Anambra State, how can get to you people to get the original chemical and measurements for production??!.

  3. your information is quite interesting and educative am looking forward to meat you soonest please can i get your contact?
    thank you for your time in putting up this.

  4. Thanks a lot for all you are doing to empower people. God will bless u. How can i produce liquid fragrance for washing.? Chemicals I need? Pls.

    • Please, kindly send me a mail or give me a call, and I will see how to help you. To be honest, this won’t be free, but it will be affordable.

  5. Good job EarnBase, am impressed, keep it up, have taken your contact to reach you when am ready for my chemical. Hope you can also supply Benue cause that’s where I stay.

  6. Sir, I am Mahmud from Kano. May I know if I can prepare liquid freashner without using methanol?
    Secondly how can I make my freashner last longer?
    Thank you sir.

  7. Thank you so much for contributing to nation building via skill acquisition empowerment.

    Am yet to be cleared on catalyst. Please what specific chemical do you use as your catalyst ?
    Where is your location ?

    Thank you

  8. I am very happy to visite this site.May God bless you.I am from republic of Benin ans i want to Start my business but i want to know the little price to buy thé raw materials for this products: hair relaxer,hair cream,shampoo,Conditioner ,gel,thanks

  9. Good day sir… i hope i can used ,perfume .preservation powder, coloring powder, warm waters and catalyst?.for Air freshener
    …. Did you have preservation power? in your office?

  10. the way i make my own air freshener is kind of different but i dont kw if its ok, i pour methanol ans texapore into a bowl and mix very then i add my water perfume and colour and package

  11. Thanks for the good job that you are doing. Please can one add methanol, ethanol and ampibur for the production of liquid air freshener? Esther

    • It will; not everybody loves to have alcohol in air freshener, but there is no crime if you decied to use alcohol in your own production.

  12. Thanks, please what is catalyst? What is the difference between catalyst and texapor? Is there any difference because i am used to texapor and due to the fact that, that is what is available in the shop where i buy my chemicals

    • @Salufu Rukayatu, a catalyst is any chemical that is use to SPEED UP the rate of chemical reaction. Honestly, anything can be a catalyst depending on the chemical combinations.
      However, I have never use Texapor before; but you can continue to use if it works well for you. Meanwhile, we can help you get the complete chemicals for making liquid air freshener for just 3,500.

  13. These are information that involves practicals,when you go into it it’s very lucrative, fellow youths it’s time to work and be independent,don’t just relax at home to eat mummy’s food.

  14. Pour two tablespoons of vodka in your glass mixing bowl. You can use rubbing alcohol if you don’t have any vodka. Add 40 drops of your favorite essential oils. You should choose about three to four different essential oils that complement each other. For example, orange oil, lemon oil and lavender oil combine to make a nice fresh scent for your bathroom. Lavender oil, rose oil and sandalwood oil have more of an outdoor scent to them. You may want to experiment first before you decide on your scents.


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