How To Make Hand Wash And Start Making Money

Do you even know one of the best business you can start today is the production business? If not why do you think Unilever and House of Chi are still in business? With the current INDECENT increase of items in my country Nigeria; even a fool will know that Knowledge acquisition is paramount! Irrespective of your status and level of earnings; USEFUL skill acquisition in a time like this can save your ass. Just like every African woman – skill is all that matters!

Today, I shall be teaching you something that is very important and essential to us as human. You will only argue the importance of this product if you don’t know what EBOLA was or you weren’t born then. Anyway, how will you feel if you can make some essential home products that will keep your family safe and earn you some extra cash?

You will agree with me that being able to protect our family is of paramount to us as human. So, how will you feel if you can produce something that will also make you PROUD as a woman?

Today, I will be teaching you the long-awaited skill. A skill that is necessary for everyone to have at least – Hand wash!

However, I will be teaching you the Aloe Vera method of producing hand wash and the good thing is that; it’s good for all occasion.

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Materials Needed To Produce Hand Wash

  1. Ethanol or Isopropyl Alcohol
  2. Aloe Vera Gel
  3. Oils e.g Peppermint or Lavender (They are natural antibacterial)
  4. A Bowl
  5. A Spoon
  6. A Funnel
  7. A Container or Bottle for packaging

Measurement Of Ingredients Needed For Hand Wash

  1. 2/3 cup of Ethanol or Isopropyl Alcohol
  2. 1/3 Cup of Aloe Vera Gel
  3. 250ML of Peppermint or Lavender

Step By Step Guide On How To Produce Hand Wash

Step 1: Mix all the ingredients together

Step 2: Add 10 – 15 drops of the oil

Step 3: Mix together with a spoon and pour into a spray bottle

 Step 4: Pack and start selling or using

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  1. Sir, please do you have a work shop or where I can come to learn how to make freshner,hand wash,liquid soap,powder detergent,tablet soap,how to be purchasing chemicals and other skills for one to two weeks practically.
    Thanks sir.


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