How To Make Economical And Safe Zobo Drink

Season greetings Earnbasers, it’s a new year, and I like to kick start this year by teaching you how to make ZOBO drink or Zoborodo or Roselle drink, as it is made from dried Roselle plant (dried Hibiscus plant) flowers.

During Xmas, we had a family program in the church, where we were told to make different dishes to share with other families. Somehow, someone brought a ZOBO drink to spice the event. My wife was given two small Eva bottles of the ZOBO drink. Fortunately, my wife does not like to take ZOBO drink; so, I was left to do justice to the two bottles – trust me now. Just as you thought, I took the first bottle, and… then the second bottle. Meanwhile, I was not also pleased with the taste of the ZOBO drink, but I just have to finish what I have started. Could it because of contentiousness or love for the drink? I honestly don’t know! Unfortunately, I could not finish the second bottle; so I went to pour the leftover in the WC (toilet). Guest what? When my wife went to use the WC, behold, the water became blue! Did you use Hapic? I said no! She was like… so, why is the water here blue. I rush to see it for myself; lo and behold, the water was blue. So, I told my wife; I am going to produce a quick ZOBO drink to confirm the color change. You see, even if you are not learning for the purpose of selling your productions; while not learn for the purpose of family safety and enjoyment?

Meanwhile, there are wide ranges of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, Calcium, Niacin, Riboflavin and a group of compounds called Flavanoid from the ZOBO leaf, which gives it the deep red color, it is also rich in antioxidants.

The zobo leaf also contains other nutritional agents that can help prevent several diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease; and improves the kidney’s ability to filter out waste products which can form kidneys stones.

Tools Needed To Make Zobo Drink

  1. Gass Bunner or Stove
  2. Big Pot
  3. Water
  4. Bowl
  5. Seiver

Ingredients to produce 5 Liters of ZOBO drink

  1. ONE 1/2 De Rica* cup of dry Zobo leaf (Half of the normal De Rica for measuring Rice and Beans)
  2. ONE Piece of Ginger
  3. ONE Spoon of clove
  4. ONE Sachet of Flavor (Optional)
  5. TWO Spoon of Sugar (Optional)

Comprehensive Guide On How To Produce ZOBO Drink

Step 1: Get a bowl full of water

Step 2: Wash the zobo leaves in the bowl full of water

Step 3: Put a BIG Pot on fire with water

Step 4: Put the washed Zobo leaf in the BIG Pot, and add enough water to cover the leaf

Step 5: Allow boiling for like 10 minutes

Step 6: Add the Chop Ginger to the BIG pot

Step 7: Allow boiling for like another 30 minutes

Step 8: Turn off the heat and allow the BIG Pot to cool

Step 9:  Wringe and sieve the ZOBO leaf to get the ZOBO juice

Step 10: Add Sugar

Step 11: Add any Artificial Flavor

Step 12: Put inside a container and refrigerate

Zobo has a sour taste so it can clash with sugars. This why I prefer to keep my Zobo drink as natural as possible hence I use only natural ingredients when preparing the drink. You may add artificial flavors and sweeteners such as Nutri-C and sugar if you wish.

Although, this is a quick guide; so, leave your comment below if you want to learn my ALL NATURAL HEALTHY ZOBO drink.

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