How I Made Over $1,200 In A Single Month With Freelancing

Depending on how we met, you will agree with me that I’m not a business tie. That I learnt from Akin Alabi! I love to learn about new businesses for some reasons, one of which is to teach earnbasers.

Early this year I ventured into FREELANCING; the act of offering services online, and I was glad to share with everyone around me who cares to listen. Unfortunately, none of my friends took a single step in that direction; maybe the money I was making then was too small for them, or they don’t just have faith in the whole shit. However, the story has changed today!

You see, your story is not going to change until you start following instructions, even when it’s not making sense – that is what we call faith! In my first month, I made over a $100, so also the second month; by the third month, I already made over $300, while I made over a $1,000 in my fourth month as a Freelancer. However, this is not the highest one can make as a freelancer as I have friends who are making over $4,000 consistently as freelancers.

In this post I will be telling you things that matter when it comes to being successful as a freelancer. Remember, it’s a very competitive market. These things have been able to learn over the months as a freelancer. I call it the three pillars to freelancing success.

1. Master a skill: So many models promise you money without doing anything. If you doubt me, you can ask those who did MMM… Unfortunately, freelancing is not such a model. You actually need to have the skill to succeed as a freelancer – no fake service! So, you must make sure you master whatever skill you want to sell on Fiverr. Moreover, there are over 2,000 services you can render as a freelancer; just pick one of them and master it!

2. Master the tools needed for your skill success: Gone are the days when you do things manually! In fact, there is hardly a skill that has no software to aid its success. That is why you must master the tools needed for your skill success. If it’s graphics, there are plugins for Photoshop to make your work easier, and there are other software that makes designing simpler. Get the tools and master them.

3. Patient and Consistency: My friend, nobody is ready to trust you until you prove capable. That is why you need to be patient with yourself; don’t expect to make $500 in your first month – it doesn’t happen like that bro. You need to be patient with yourself and master the game with time. The consistency part is when you stay active on the platform as if all your life depends on it. These website’s owners have a way of rewarding active users. Make sure you are always login on mobile, even while you are asleep.

What are you waiting for? Go get a skill, and get started! If you don’t have any skill; I can help you get started as a graphics designer or a writer. Each of the DVD costs N4,999. Goodluck!!! Please, this is just for the first 50 people o o  o

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