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Nigeria situation have actually changed the way we live our daily lives. Today, an average Nigeria finds it difficult to on his or her generator when ever PHCN holds the light. Companies are folding up everyday and the country economy is not encouraging. If what is happening in Nigeria at the moment is to happen in USA or UK there would have been out break of war. Nigerians are die hard; Naija I hail thee. lol Back to business of the day!

Last week I wrote a post on how you can make huge money as an export agent and testimonies have been rolling inn. It is encouraging to see Nigerians taken information seriously now than ever. Maybe this is because of the current economic hardship or the increase in dollars; I don’t know. But one thing I know is that Nigerians are now taken their destiny in their hands. If you probably miss that post – How to make HUGE money as an Exporter; click here.

Since then, some people have been asking me to shear some contacts on the list here. The list contains over 1,037 contacts of Genuinely Registered Exporters in Nigeria. I will gust be sharing few of the list with you. This is because any serious minded person should have this list at his or her disposal. You can get yours here.

This list is going to serve as your address book for genuine exporters in Nigeria. With this list there are no trial and error as this lists contains the performing exporters FULL CONTACTS: Business Categories, Business Address, Contact Person, Phone Number, Email and Websites. See sample below. Click here for your copy as a BONUS!!!


After you have your hand on the contact of genuine performing exporters in Nigeria. The next thing is to contact them before you start looking for a customer. This will save you a lot of stress as you are sure your contacts are genuine, registered and performing.

List of performing exporters in nigeria

exporters in nigeria2

exporters in nigeria3 Comment below in case you have a question, suggestions or encouragement.

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  1. Nice Job sir, but how can I have access to these exporters phone numbers?… Please drop your phone number let me talk to you on phone. I don’t mind paying for their phone contacts.


    • Joseph Edoh, thanks for visiting EarnBase. You can find the information here.
      As for my numbers? Here they are: Whats app: 08060023272 and Call: 08057757272


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