List Of Genuine Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) Businesses You Can Do In Nigeria

There are so many ways by which you can make wealth; some are proven and genuine while others are not. That is why we have to be very careful on how we spend our money. It is indeed true that one of the way to riches is through creating passive income – this is the only way to real financial FREEDOM!

Although, there are so many ways to achieving true financial freedom; one sure way to this (Passive income) is through Multi-Level-Marketing. Leave it or take it; Multi-Level-Marketing is one sure FIRE to true financial FREEDOM!  Multi-Level-Marketing has become the saving grace for many of the worlds “income seekers” during these rough economic times. Personally, I have witness people making fortunes in this businesses; that is why I am writing about the ones that I know that works.

So, What Is Multi-Level-Marketing?

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing,is a controversial pyramid-shaped marketing strategy where profit is theoretically derived from two revenue streams: from a sales force of a participating salesperson compensated via the direct sales generated by the salesperson, as well as from the sales of other salespeople that the participating salesperson has recruited and of their recruits down the line.

What Is Not Multi-Level-Marketing?

  • MLM is not Esusu, Ajo or thrift.
  • It is not MMM of any type
  • It is not iCharity
  • It is not HelpingRevolution

Types of Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) in Nigeria

  1. Forced Matrix MLM Plan:Forced Matrix Plans allow you to have a specific amount of people on your each level of your organization. You can personally sponsor as many people as you want too.  You are just limited to where you can place them in your group.
  2. Binary MLM Plan:With a Binary MLM Compensation Plan, you only have to build two legs. You have a left leg and a right leg.  In other words, you are limited to two people on your front level.Once you sponsor your first two people, you are forced to place everyone else under them in your downline.  Basically, you are building a POWER LEG, where you place everyone you sponsor at the bottom most point of either your right leg or left leg.
  3. Breakaway MLM Plan:This is quite perhaps the oldest MLM Compensation Plan and it’s used by most of the large, successful MLM Companies. With a breakaway plan, your successful downline distributors “break away” once they’ve attained a certain achievement level in the compensation plan. Once they breakaway, their sales volume is no longer counted as part of your sales volume anymore.
  4. Uni-level Matrix MLM Plan:With a uni-level Matrix MLM Compensation Plan you can sponsor as many people as you want to on your front line (first level). In most cases, however, you are limited on how many levels deep you can get paid (initially). For instance, you might get paid on your first three to five levels deep, regardless of your rank with the company. Anyone placed within those levels counts as part of your team volume.
  5. Hybrid Compensation MLM Plan:The hybrid compensation plan is when a company combines one or more of these traditional compensation plans.

Today, I will be guiding you through some working MLM programs in Nigeria. These are the best MLM programs in Nigeria that anyone can join. My collections cut across health MLM, skill acquisition MLM and business MLM! I know, this may be confusing; but just give me some time to explain myself.

Forever Living Products:

This is my BEST when it comes to MLM on health categories. There are so many reasons why forever living product was favorite to all:

  1. Their products works
  2. No registration FEE
  3. Awesome commission plans
  4. Good discounted products
  5. Forever Living Program is willable (You can will this program to someone else for whatever reason anytime any day)
  6. You cannot register without a sponsor

Helping Hands International:

I am not part of this MLM program because I already know most of the things they teach but honestly; Helping Hands International are doing wonders! If you are idle and you need to get some skills to start making immediate money; Helping Hands International is the place to go. Helping Hands International will teach you from Juice Making, Soap Making, Beads Making, Cake Baking and many more. There are so many reasons why I personally love this program:

  1. It teaches REAL skill
  2. It has good commission plans
  3. FREE skill acquisition programs
  4. You cannot register without a sponsor


This is my favorite of them all for different reasons. I personally love Bit4Bits because it is a platform for business people. Honestly, if you are a business person and you are not part of Bit4Bits then you are leaving money on the table.

In Bit4Bits, you will be thought new and latest business tricks to accelerate your business from where it Is now to where it ought to be. If you want to see your sales grow like wide FIRE; then join Bit4Bits! Below are more reasons why I prefer Bit4Bits

  1. You can refer as many as you can; not restriction on referrals
  2. No selling of any products
  3. It is for business people
  4. Free Premium business training
  5. You are paid in Bitcoin
  6. You earnings does not depend on your downlines
  7. You can withdraw your earning anytime
  8. You make 60% on direct referrals and 10% on indirect referrals
  9. You can also get paid into your Nigeria bank account
  10. You can join with $10
  11. You cannot register without a sponsor

If you like to join Bit4Bits you can go to and use “earnbase” as your sponsor. You can always contact me in case of any question or doubt!


17 thoughts on “List Of Genuine Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) Businesses You Can Do In Nigeria”

  1. Is it only this three company ‘forever, helping hand and bit4bit are only genuine company in nigeria? And wot are the other benefits embedded in bit4bits if i start wif 50$ OR 100$?

  2. Adclick international are also doing great by paying people salary in Nigeria since just register with 2500 and invest 20,000 all in naira and you will start to earn immediately every day and at the end of the month you will receive your bank alert gbagam without delay. Yes it not a ponzi scheme .some are earning 1000, 2000 ,5000 ,20,000 per day and calculate everything at the end of the month .for more info contact [email protected]

  3. Helping hands international is also a partner and I have seen its can register with

  4. OK. Thank you. But is there any different package for one that register with 10$ 50$and 100$? Or they are getting the same training. Secondly, it the registration done with bitcoin?

    • @Vivian, yes they enjoy the same training but there are some privileges for $50 and $100 but not in the area of training ma.
      Thanks for your thoughtful questions. I already noted your name and am giving you Part 1 and 2 of our Graphics tutorial DVD; completely FREE.
      Please, your questions coming in!!!

    • @Vivian, thanks for your questions. Please note that the platform is for business people for learning FREE Premium training and making money through REFERRALS.
      We don’t believe any business person will find it difficult to get at least two people. However, if you are not able to get referrals then you only gain the Premium training. Honestly, the Premium trainings are worth more than $1,000. Either way, you gain!

    • @Vivian, by saying your earnings are not determined by your downline. I mean, even if your downlines are not working – that is, referring people. It doesn’t affect your earning as long as you are referring people; you keep making money.
      Bit4Bits, is not based on a FORCE MATRIX that allows only two people directly under you. Thereby making you depend on your downlines to earn more.

    • @Vivan, Bit4Bits is own by group of young entrepreneurs in Nigeria and I am one of them. If you look at the system; it is built on a proven MLM scheme and it’s sure way for Passive earners.
      However, you can always ask me anything about But4Bits whenever in doubt.
      Thanks for visiting EARNBASE


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