LindaIkeji Is Giving Away N1million Worth of Recharge Cards to LindaIkejiSocial Users

lindaikejisocial-free-recharge-cardThis was first announced by Linda Ikeji herself on the 12th of November 2016 but was thinking it was another game of hers. Remember recently she promised to give away 20,000 for the first 50 people to have 100 followers on which I was not a beneficiary. Although, I felt something went wrong (scam) because I got over 100 followers on the 2nd of November 2016 – the second day the website was launched. At that time even linda got less that 500 followers; so, how can over 50 people possible get over 100 followers when the founder of LIS herself has less than 500 followers? Anyway, I have seen people who claimed they received the cash anyway! So, I decided to let that matter rest; cheats do happen.

Honestly, you guys (earnbasers) thought I was lying but that was actually far from the truth because information was right but her method of picking the winners was not transparent and pure at all. However, I felt that should not allow us to miss out from all other Giveaways happening on LindaIkejiSocial. Life continues! lol

Today, I saw her posting something very interesting again about giving out FREE recharge cards which only requires you to have an account with some followers (number of followers not stated – I smell LIES) but there is no crime in trying. If you have not registered on; I think it’s wort considering. Lots of nice things are happening on that platform. The giveaways are just from a kind hearted Linda Ikeji and nobodies right. I understood that clearly; anyway, see what Linda Ikeji posted herself on the 12th of November 2016.

This was how she (Linda Ikeji) said it:

If you haven’t joined us on
then do join and follow me ( There will be a N1million worth of recharge card giveaway marathon by the end of next week. Also, we will be giving away
some luxury items. All will be announced next week…but you have to have some people following you to qualify for the luxury items. As for the recharge card, signing up is all you need to do!

Do I need to tell you I added this ? Anyway, I included that link so you can follow me after registering with LIS.

Meanwhile, here is what she said about that same offer today (14th of Nov., 2016):

I told you guys when LIS launched on November 1st that we will be using this new platform to give away alot of cash and freebies to our users. LIS plans to partner with many Nigerian brands to give free stuff to social media users. It’s time we start benefiting a little for the time we spend on social media…abi? Lol

LIS is pleased to announce that we will be giving away N1million worth of Glo recharge cards to users of LIS courtesy of Globacom. They have agreed to give us the recharge cards to give to you guys. Yay! The recharge cards will be giving away this Thursday, Friday and Saturday 17th, 18th and 19th of November – 3-day marathon…lol.

We will communicate how you can participate in another post today. In the meantime, sign up on if you haven’t already to be part of this. More freebies coming!

Let us enjoy LIS while we wait for the recharge cards! I hope this one is real so that everyone can benefits from it and not just your online promoteers LINDA IKEJI – lol

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