Shocking – Jide Ogunsanya Earns N1 With Domainking Affiliate Program

jide_ogunsanya_domainkingThis is indeed hilarious; I can’t stop laughing. Jide Ogunsanya is the King of bloggers in Nigeria earns N1 with Domainking Affiliate program. As stated by Jide himself:

Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways I make money online in Nigeria. It allows me to earn commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products or services. Whenever I promote a product to others, I earn a piece of the profit for each sale that I make.

Ever since launched in Nigeria, I have been promoting their services especially to those looking for where to buy domain names in Nigeria and where to get cheap web hosting in Nigeria.

According to the affiliate monthly referrals report I received from DomainKing yesterday, I have referred 599 customers so far but my earnings is just N1 “change” (Nigerian currency), not even $1. lol

Is it really possible to refer 599 customers and not earn anything? I even wonder how a transaction can be ‘Pending” since 2015 and not “Cancelled”.

Trust me! This will definitely have a negative impact on Domainking affiliate program; because this report will definitely put off some young blogger.

See what people are saying already…

Lolzz…. I give up. I can’t even promote Jumia or Konga on my blog, there commissions are so so paltry.


Lmao…this got me rolling om the floor.


Wow, this is what they call a “Killer of Good Spirit!”

You reffered 599 customers or visitors and they paid you N1 ! Aba?

I think its time you put your effort where you will be most appreciated.

Imagine ke?i also have experince with one affilate company like that they refused to send about $138 till now. They give me different excuses . i just laugh, atleast $138 should be about 45k as we speak.

But just had to ignore cos i have better business doing than that.

See, the truth, Affilate Marketing pays you for referring buying customers, Network Marketing does the same.

But Network Marketing with the right company pays you far more and better.

I refer one person to make a purchase even at the lowest level with my company, i get paid N17k !

Common, please. N1 is over humiliating.

If you are intrested or you know someone who is interested in earning a more dignifying income, please feel free to chat me up.

We also do the business ONLINE with a blog. We teach skills you need to have on how to be successful in the industry,

N1? Aba !


got 85 from mine, then another 10 bonus…first time, good right 🙂 This na 1 naira king oo, not domain king


Next time; Domainking won’t mess with the King of Blogger!!! However, I think bloggers should be careful products they promotes.

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