Exportation Saga, Nigerian Man Finds Hard Drugs In Yams He Was Asked To Deliver Abroad

You see sometimes, I don’t just know what to say about my country – Nigeria. Our height of corruption and business unfaithfulness needs to be checked. Even Ghanaians are now being trusted than Nigerians, what a pathetic situation! I use to tell my people that exportation is becoming very tough for us as a Nigerian, … Read more


How To Offer Payment on Delivery (POD) Without Tears

This is not originally written by me; it was written by a friend, Olaniyi Olaniran Samson. I love this piece that is why I’ve decided to share it here. If you have any question or suggestion just drop it in the comment bellow. I hope you enjoy this piece. There are many challenges that will hinder … Read more

Best Way To Pay Your Chinese Supplier From Nigeria Using Bitpesa (UPDATED)

Now that paying your Chinese supplier is war under sai baba regime. Gone are the days when you will just use your ATM to make payment online (this doe not work with most ATM anymore). That era is gone, bro! However, I am happy to tell you that with Bitpesa; you will be able to … Read more


Good News as Fidelity Bank, LBS, NEPC Intensify Promotion of Exports

exportation from Nigeria

It’s indeed a good news as Fidelity Bank has reiterated its resolve to continue to promote and catalyze export businesses in Nigeria with the fourth stream of the Export Management Program (EMP) scheduled to hold at the Lagos Business School (LBS) later this month. You will agree with me that the place of Bank in … Read more

Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) NOTICE TO ALL EXPORTERS

Nigeria Customs Service notice to all exporters

The message you are about to read was directly from the Nigeria Customs Service to all exporters and it is unedited. Please, take your time to read through and ask questions when in doubt. It is good to get yourself fortified with all the necessary information if you must succeed this season; it’s another good … Read more

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