How To Import Goods From China To Nigeria (UPDATE)

I was going through my Facebook page and stumble on the awesome piece compiled by Buhari Oyeleke Abdul-Raheem. After going through the post I felt I should share it with us here. If you are thinking of the easiest way to import from China; this piece is for you. The clarity and simplicity in this post got me trilled in no time. There is no doubt about this; Abdul took time to share his experience in this post.

In this post, I will major on how to import from China. Although, there are so many online shopping Malls in China but I will be talking today about Alibaba only.

The following websites are where you can easily buy items from in china. (Needs special attention). (Needs special attention).

How To Buy From Alibaba And Ship To Nigeria

Step 1: Go to or

Step 2: Search for the product you want to buy.

Step 3: Click on the product then click on start order.

Step 4: Click on Contact Seller or Chat now

Step 5: Start up a conversation by asking the seller some questions like How much is the product and minimum order quantity that can be bought, time of delivery e.t.c

Step 6: After bargaining, tell the seller you want to pay with paypal -Make your payment on paypal NB: Paypal is a very secured payment platform you can trust.

Step 7: Fill in your details.


Your inquiry will be sent and the seller will responded to you , from there you can continue your order placement with the seller.

NB: If you did your transaction directly on Alibaba’s website, your money will be kept safely in the ESCROW as a measure to safe guard your transactions. After payment, the money will be held by Alibaba for some period of days and will only be paid to the seller if you don’t have any complaint. This is to ensure that you don’t get duped by the seller. You are secured by Alibaba’s Trade Center so if anything goes wrong, you can always raise the issue and it will be sorted. The Other way which is better is using paypal.

Firstly you need a paypal account which you can easily open on their website by going to Sign up and you are good to go.



After successfully placing your order, the next thing is to ship the products to Nigeria.
There are various ways through which you can ship your products.

  1. Freight Companies
  2. Courier and Logistics Companies

Companies like DHL,FedEx etc which are always on the high side however there are local logistics companies you can use which are cheaper and faster. We have Nonikings and Chris Vic Mall Chris Vic Mall!

Chris Vic Mall Chris Vic Mall has a website ( and their Lagos office is at 9 Medical Road Opposite Zenith Bank Ikeja Lagos and you can reach them on +2348155950898 or +2349094407999.

However I use Nonikings cause they are better and faster.


Step 1: Give the manufacturer Nonikings China Address

Step 2: Tell them to take the goods there with your details (Name and Phone number)

Step 3: The manufacturer will be given a waybill number which you should request for in order to track your order.

At Nonikings , you can ship in two ways:
1. Express and
2. Normal Shipping

Express Shipping takes one day to arrive Nigeria and 7 days for Normal.

You can contact Nonikings on +2347080208511(Amaka) +2348066748474 (Joy) +8613434369377 (Judy)

Nonikings express new office address in Chinese:

新收货地址: 广州市越秀区环市西路克山三街20号宇宙服装鞋业广场C区190-191档, 收货人:何婉君, 电话:13434369377, 请在外箱写上客人名字和电话号码,谢谢。

No 4 oshitelu street opposite gtbank computer village ikeja lagos. Express : Joy: +07038845891‬ . Office line:08066748474

When the goods arrives Lagos,You get a text containing where to receive your items and also amount to be paid – Shikena!!!

NB:1688 and Taoboa are Chinese websites but things are relatively cheaper there. To buy from there, you need Google Translator using Google Chrome Browser.

As a beginner, I advise you use Alibaba as it is very simple, straight forward and secured but if you want to know more about the two aforementioned sites. Just drop your request as comment bellow!

24 thoughts on “How To Import Goods From China To Nigeria (UPDATE)”

  1. Hello sir, I actually have issues with the frieght costs of these company. A lot of them charge amounts that are even more than the amount the items were bought. Is there a way I can reduce the frieght cost. Your advice is highly needed.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I have been hearing of alibaba for some time now, but i have not really bought anything from them. If Nonikings are so fast, i think we would be friends for much longer.


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