Identifying Hair Conditions

Some hair conditions need pH balancing more than others. There are common hair conditions and the table below describes the characteristics that define each:

Hair Condition


Elasticity / breakage



Soft and smooth to the touch

Highly elastic hair strands and with minimal hair loss


Dry Hair

Coarse in texture and feels like straw

Little or absence of moisture leads to easy and excessive hair loss and breakage

Appears dull and lifeless

Presence of frizz and/or split ends

Oily Hair

Greasy to the touch

Medium to high elasticity; the presence of oil lessens threat of breakage

Appears limp and lank

Oily scalp and with presence of dandruff

Treated / Heat Damaged Hair

Coarse in texture

Over processing makes hair fragile and prone to breakage

If maintained properly, can appear good but over processing

Aside from the condition of your hair, you should also consider your hair type and texture. These are critical in determining the best balancing treatment for you.

Your hair shape talks about your hair strand’s curl pattern.

Hair Type (Shape)



·         Hangs loose and free

·         Shiny and reflects light easily

·         Difficult to curl and can become easily oily


·         Lies between straight and curly

·         Wavy hair is more susceptible to frizz

·         Has a little bounce and shine than curly hair


·         Much tighter curl pattern from spirals, ringlets to corkscrews

·         Full of body but not a lot of sheen

·         Easily frizzes in humid climate and is prone to damage


·         Most African-Americans have this hair type

·         With extremely defined curls that are tightly coiled

·         Driest and most fragile of all hair types

Hair texture determines the thickness of your hair strand. A simple test to do to find out your texture type is by pulling a strand of hair and comparing it against a piece of thread.

Hair Type (Texture)


Fine Hair

Hair strand is thinner than the thread piece

Fine hair when healthy has a natural shine.

Fine hair is soft and difficult to style.

If unhealthy it appears limp and lank.

Medium Hair

Hair strand is about the same size as the thread piece

Medium hair is considered normal hair type as a lot of people have this hair type

Medium has lots of body and usually can be easily styled and managed

Its softer than course hair but more voluminous than fine hair

Coarse Hair

 Hair strand is thicker than the piece of thread

 Often rough, wiry, heavy, wild and strong

 It is often dry, difficult to process and resistant to treatment

 Requires heavy conditioning to keep this hair under control


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