How You Can Be Successful In Any Business With True Life Story

There is no need to mince words at this stage, knowing how far we have come. If you are yet to fail in business, then you probably have not started. You see, sometimes you have to fail to learn better! That is my opinion anyway. Let me share with you one of my business stories; I hope you learn greatly from this.

13 years ago, when phone call business was still very hot; I started the business with less than #3,000, which was given to me by an amazing brother in my church who believes in me. After two months, that business grew to the level that I was able to #1,000 daily without affecting sales. At that time, my business was over 175,000 in capital base – just within the space of two months. How did it all started?

I was a very dedicated choirmaster back then, and my pastor’s wife loves me so much that it became obvious to everyone, and some church members cannot hide their jealousy. My pastor’s wife was so nice that she won’t let you be in peace; if you are a member of my church, you must have a business. When I was working as a waiter in a 3-star hotel, but she (my pastor’s wife) did not like the hotel job. So, I began to think of something else to do. Consequently, I decided to start phone call business. Aside from my pastor’s wife view, I also saw the need for a phone call business near the hotel, as we have to travel some distance to get recharge cards for clients.

Remember, I told you I was a waiter, and I was diligent on duty, which won me a favor before customers, colleagues, and boss. Exactly, 3 weeks of starting my business (phone call), a friend who was also a waiter walked to me and offered to invest 30,000 into my business…Lol, That was a huge sum of money then anyway. Except for your mum, nobody is willing to help you without proof. As for him, he only took him 3 weeks to believe in my business and me.
I gained admission into college just 4 months after starting my business; so, I had the option of selling the business, quitting the business or hiring a sales girl. Just as you must have thought, I went for the third option – I hired a sales girl. Unfortunately, that was my first step in the wrong direction. At exactly one week that she resumes business; she lost over 75,000, and after 3 weeks of her resumption; the business was dead bro!

Before I started the phone call business; After working for working for straight sis month as a waiter, I decided to leave and start my own business (phone call). There is no need to worry, as I will share with you what I did to record such success. My experience with that business taught me a lot about business success – that we shall discuss in this piece.

3 Things I Did That Made My Business A Success

1. Do Other People’s Business As If It’s Yours: There are no two ways about it; you must learn to do other people’s business like yours. Leaders are not born; they are build. If you must be a leader, you must first be a follower. If you must lead; you must server. So, it’s important you learn how to server, because that is your guide to greatness.

2. Build Relationship: Peradventure, you are unaware that there is no success without help, and there is no help without relationship. If you do not value relationship, you are going nowhere. Did you remember my friend who supported my business with 30,000? We need people like that in our life, and they will only come when we value their presence.

3. I saw the need: To be honest, opportunities abound in Nigeria. All we have to do is to look critically around we will see a need for fill. As a waiter, one of my duties was to make sure our guests are 100% happy. That was why I have to go outside the hotel on several occasion to buy cards for them whenever they need it. So, I felt if someone is selling the card in the hotel or close by; it will be a good business, and that’s exactly what I did.

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