How To Use Twitter For Your Business In Nigeria

twitter-for-businessNo matter what type of business you are — from a large retailer to a freelance designer; from a B2B software provider to a mobile app company — you can use Twitter to build meaningful connections with a relevant and engaged audience. These connections can lead to actions across a network of loyal customers for your business.

Twitter has more than hundreds of millions of users and over 500 million Tweets being sent each day, there is a great opportunity for businesses to reach a global audience of new and existing customers.

There are basically four reasons to use Twitter

Businesses across the globe are finding value in Twitter. How organizations use the platform varies, but here’s a few suggestions for different ways your business could get value from Twitter:

  • Listen and learn.
    You can use your twitter to find out what’s going on in your industry and what your customers are interested in. Use Twitter search to listen to the relevant conversations that are happening and jump in where you can add value.
  • Drive awareness.
    Another fantastic use of twitter is to drive traffic to your business and increase the impact of your marketing by using Twitter to regularly communicate with your followers.
  • Provide customer service.
    You can also use your twitter account to provide excellent customer services. Twitter is also a great way to quickly reply to customer service issues. It helps you to quickly and easily respond to support queries and to develop a good reputation for your business and strong relationships with customers.
  • Connect with influencers.
    With Twitter, there are no barriers when it comes to connecting with customers and clients.

Understanding Twitter Block

twitter block

  1. Tweet : A Tweet is a message posted on Twitter, consisting of 140 characters or less. It can contain text, photos, links and videos. It’s important to note the character limit!
  2. Mention: This is the process by which you bring a Tweet to another person’s attention by including their @username in your message. You could use it to ask someone a question, to thank them or simply to highlight a piece of content.
  3. Reply: This is use to respond to a Tweet. Replying to a Tweet is a nice way to build relationships with your followers and join in conversations.
  4. Retweet: This is the process by which you choose to take a Tweet from someone else and Tweet it to your own followers. You can either do this directly with the Retweet button or you can use the Quote Tweet button to add your own message to the original Tweet.
  5. Like: This is the process by which you like someone’s Retweet. Liking something Tweet is a great way of acknowledging or showing your appreciation for a Tweet. It can also be useful to use as a bookmarking tool if you want to easily find a Tweet again.
  6. Tweet Activities: This shows the activities relating to a particular Tweet. It can also be use to promote certain Tweet. You probably will not be using this features very often.
  7. Dots or More: They simply means more features; if you click on it; you will be given more options.
  8. Hashtag: This is use to organize your conversations and make it easier to find all content related to a given topic. A hashtag is any word, or phrase without spaces, beginning with the # symbol. People use hashtags Click on a hashtag to go directly to the search results for that term.

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