How To Start Uber Taxi Business In Nigeria

Sometimes, in 2016, I met an awesome young Uber driver, who changed my perspective about that business. He was once a bank official, before luck turned against him. Luckily, he was not one of those who eta with all fingers; so, he was able to buy a beautify car with his savings for Uber. When I met him, he was already loving his job. Not that alone, I also have a cousin who is also an Uber driver, and the report I’ve been hearing about this business is just too awesome.

However, that does not mean, Uber does not have its own weakness or fault, but if we must be sincere with ourselves; Uber is better than most companies in Nigeria. At least, the business is not governed by APC or PDP.

Quickly let me tell you what Uber is, for the sake of clarity. Uber is a business that allows you to register your car for public taxi. By this, I mean you will submit your car to be used by Uber clients, using a smartphone application; where the user (Uber clients) can order a taxi with a single tap on the button.

This app will automatically notify the nearby Uber drivers (People who already submitted their car to be used by Uber clients) about the order, and one of the drivers will accept it and travel to pick up the customer. The customer will see an estimate of his ride in the app, and the payment is also done through the app. It is important to know that the driver and the customer don’t exchange cash at any point of the ride.

It is true if you say Uber is a virtual taxi business, because Uber doesn’t physically own any cars – all the cars driving under Uber’s logo are cars that belong to the drivers.

How to start an Uber business in Nigeria

There basically two ways to make money from Uber: 1) By being a driver or a car owner 2) By operating a logistics company (this is if you have the fund, anyway)

So, if you’re the driver and also the car owner, you can register as an Uber driver and make money directly for each ride. In this case, you will be paid weekly, and the money will go straight to your bank account with no cash involved. Uber takes 20% of what you make as their commission, and the rest is your individual income.

The second option is better suited for those aspiring business who have a sizeable capital. You can buy multiple cars, register them all as a fleet, and operate your fleet while other drivers perform the taxi services.

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How To Register Your Car For Uber

Remember, there are two ways to profit from Uber; so, I will be going over the way to register for each case – as a car owner and as a fleet operator.

  1. How to register your car for Uber

Go to Uber official website and sign up by filling out a short registration form, stating your name, location, email, phone number, and password. However, it is important to know that you need to be 21 or older to join Uber as a driver. You also need to be sure that your car aligns with Uber’s standards: it should be made in 2000 or later, have four doors, have a working radio and AC, and must be in a decent condition.

Provide the necessary paperwork. This list includes your driver’s license, a vehicle inspection report, safety screening, and a profile photo. At this stage, you will also need to watch a short training video.

After completing the steps above, you can proceed to activate your Uber account and start your career as an Uber driver.

  1. How to create a fleet in Uber

If you’re not only interested in learning how to become an Uber driver in Nigeria, but also want to know how to launch a large-scale business with Uber. Here is how you can create a fleet of cars within Uber.

You can either use your own cars and find your own drivers, or let Uber find the ideal drivers for your new fleet. Uber will also provide you with 24/7 support for the drivers and the passengers. In your personal section of the app, you will be able to access detailed reports of your earnings.

Signing up for an Uber fleet is super easy. If you already have one car registered for Uber, all you need to do is add another car and the fleet will be automatically be created; as it only takes two cars to be a fleet owner with Uber. Now, you can connect your drivers to the system and start making money with Uber!

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