How To Start Palm Kernel Business In Nigeria – HIDDEN Truth

palm treeIf there is any business that makes you cool and stable income; it will be PALM KERNEL BUSINESS. It is true that there are so many uses of Palm Kernel. Meanwhile, I think it is worth knowing that the only tree that has NO WASTE from start to finish is the palm tree that produces the palm kernel seed. The palm tree produces what we call EMU (Palm Wine); it is a white substance that is sweeter than sugar and yet capable to get you intoxicated. Oh, you are asking how I got to know. Did you think I take Palm wine like you? lol

Palm+Wine1Palm wine is an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of various species of palm tree such as the palmyra, date palms, and coconut palms. It is known by various names in different regions and is common in various parts of Asia, Africa the Caribbean and South America. Palm wine production by small holders and individual farmers may promote conservation as palm trees become a source of regular household income that may economically be worth more than the value of timber sold.

Even the Oyinbos they drink Palm wine. Palm wine is known as emu, nkwu, oguro in Nigeria; poyo in Sierra Leone, nsamba in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; palmwinensafufuo in Ghana; kallu in South India; Htan Yay in Myanmar; matango in Cameroon; tuak in North Sumatra, Indonesia; mnazi in the Mijikenda language of Kenya; goribon (Rungus) in Sabah, Borneo; and tubâ in the Philippines, Borneo and Mexico. In the Philippines, tubeand “Kallu” in Tamil refers both to the freshly harvested, sweetish cloudy-white sap and the one with the red lauan-tree tan bark colorant. In Leyte, the red tubâ is aged with the tan bark for up to six months to two years, until it gets dark red and tapping its glass container gives a sound that does not suddenly stop. This type of tubâ is called bahal (for tubâ aged this way for up to six months) and bahalina (for tubâaged thus for up to a year or more). Toddy is also consumed in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. This is not where we are going today; but will like you to know that Palm tree, produces the palm kernel!

There Are Three Main Sections In This Business:

  1. Those who collects the nut
  2. Those who break and pick the nut
  3. Those who extracts the oil (This is where you have the REAL Money)

Quickly, let me start by telling you what you won’t like to hear. Palm kernel oil extraction business is capital intensive! To be precised is not a business you can start with N2 million as at of Nigeria of today; you will need more than N2 million to start. This is because you will be needing:

  1. A land (if you don’t have one; whether lease or owned). Yes, the land must at least have a shed for production in case it rains and a store where you can keep your oil. Of course, it must be fenced!
  2. You will need a standby generator because you needing constant light
  3. Machines at least three.
  4. Workman/staffs to help you with your work
  5. You will need Tanks and some Drums to store your product

Does that mean you can not do the business without having over N2 million? No! there is a way around this! You can do this with as low as N100,000.

Based on our findings; do you know you can be making over N200,000 daily from this palm kernel business? Do you know that palm kernel oil is used in cosmetics? Do you know that it is also used in soap production? Do I need to tell you that a bye product of palm kernel is also used in animal feed? Maybe you are not aware that Palm kernel oil is ALWAYS on a high demand “please, quote me” all through the year. People and companies are always on the look for the palm kernel products always. Do you know you can tap into this hot lucrative business with just 100,00? Do you want to know how? continue reading; as these and many more are what we shall be discussing today!

Palm kernel business is actually a very lucrative business and Nigerians are not aware of it. In fact, it may shock you to know that this business gives you more income than you can earn on crude oil – yes, you can quote me there again!

Terminologies Used In Palm Kernel Business

how to start palm kernel business in Nigeria2

Palm Kernel (PK): These are the seeds gotten after production of palm oil

Palm Kernel Nut (PKN): This nut is what you get when you break the hard shell of a palm kernel see. This is nut that produced the palm kernel oil.

how to start palm kernel business in Nigeria

Palm Kernel Oil (PKO): This is the oil extracted from the palm kernel nuts. Though this is not the only product you get when you process the palm kernel nut. It is extracted from the kernel of palm and should not be confused with palm oil, which is obtained from the pulp of the fruit of the palm.

Palm Kernel Cake (PKC): This is a residue after extraction. Usually, this is used in animal food productions because it contains some useful nutrients that the animal needs.

Palm Kernel Sludge (PKS): This is also another residue collected from palm kernel oil.

Machines Needed In Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business



Function: Fries/roast the crushed nuts. This process heats up the crushed nuts, thereby exciting the oil molecule content of the nuts. Depending on the size you are looking at. There are some that can dry Two and a half tons per day. While there are some that can dry 4 – 5 tons per day.

Price: N450, 000 above depending on the size you are looking at.IMG-20160412-WA0007

Function: Crushes the palm-kernel nuts and reduces it to smaller sizes so as to ease the oil extraction process.
Price: N370, 000.


3. OIL PRESS (2 Tons per day – 2T/D): This means that this machine can not produced more than two tons per day.
Function: Presses the heated nuts and expels the oil content of the nuts via the oil exit chamber, while the cake is collected via the cake exit chamber.

Price: N450, 000



The Production Process Of Palm Kernel Oil Extraction

The first thing to do is to spread the palm kernel nuts in the dryer to dry up the nuts so that you can get the best out of them. After the drying; you then take them to the crusher. The cruncher will break the nuts and separate the cake from the oil. In the process of crushing the oil will come out from one end, and the cake from another end. The oil collected will be filtered and kept in storage tank ready for sale while the cake will be packaged and bagged ready for sale to feed millers and exports.

Sample Palm Kernel Extracted Oil

In my next post; I will be talking about the calculation involved and how much you are going to make in respect to the numbers of tones processed. Till then keep your questions and suggestions coming…

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  1. Thanks for the information its an eye opener to me personally pls I don’t have big found to finance the matching but how can I start with any amount less than 400k to do the business thank you

  2. Ok sir I will call or Watsapp for the training for me that is good news that you have two places in Ogun for such God bless you but pls respond to other issues I raised as observed thanks sir

  3. Thanks Sir I observed you put up cost of some machines needed for PKO biz but left some out like Power Gen, drums and storage tanks, my previous undisplayed comment I asked when or if you do hands on training or something like internship so some of us your students who are passionate can learn practically instead of theory alone once more Thanks for the great job you doing may God bless you

  4. Kudos to you sir your pko extraction article is inspirational pls sir do you give practical hands on training or link any of us your students the link like internship to acquire the practical knowledge rather than theory alone?

    • @Amb, yes! We have two factories in Ogun state where you can get first hand practical training. However, this is not free; if you need more information on this, you can call 08060023272.

      • Gud. Are you going to deliver to us at our factory? What is your price per ton? Wht type of sludge do u ve? The one wth high oil yield or semi oil yield? Pls I need you to furnish us wth all these details as we intend to buy as soon we have all these information. Tnx.

  5. Hello, great news. I’m interested in joining in on this palm kernel business. I will appreciate if the details or the needed information can be sent on how to go about it.

  6. Very informative. I have been thinking of a small business to venture into since I moved down to the East. I heard about agro product exportation and stumbled about this whole surfing information about different agro product. Pls can you share more info on how I can go about starting this. Thanks and God bless.

  7. thanks very informative piece. i have some research and found out that i am lacking in the technical aspect. was wondering is it possible for one to like an intern so i can understand the rudiments before investing money i am based in lagos.
    do you of any pko factory that does third party processing, this will help me understand the marketing aspect of the business.

    • @Joe, I do not know of any factory for now that do third party production but maby if you can talk to some factory owners they may let you.
      I hope I answered your question.
      Thanks for checking EARNBASE

  8. Nice and great concept, can i start it where i leave. I mean in my compound with the machines and still get my result. Pls you do not specify who and where to sell the product and the by-product.

    • @Ade, thank you for taking time to drop your comment here.
      However, with this type of business customers are never an issue.
      Once, the bsuiness is started customers will always locate you. In fact, the common problem with this business is that you will always be short of surply as you have more customers than you can handle.
      Maybe it may also intrest you to know that the by products are used in producing animal feeds. So, aside from cosmetics manufacturer or makers; farmers are also going to be your customers.
      I hope this helps?
      Thanks once again Ade, for your time.

  9. Just to help Earn Base about start in this business with less thank 100 000 N.
    Les make it simple.
    Go palm plantation then buy 1 ton of palm kernell.
    Find a PKO producer who will charge you for crushing, drying and pressing the nut.
    You already have to two products to sell, the cake and the oil
    After this you should be able to get2 tons.
    For bigger margins produce your own palm kernell soap for local market.
    Franck, Bangui CAR

  10. Sir am curious/confused, in your post you stated that we can start with N100,000 to start the palm kernel biz, but when I calculated the cost of the fryer,crucher and oil extractor machines the the go pass N1,000,000. O abeg clarify o

    Yemisi ike

    • @Yemisi, I will post that article by Monday unfailingly. Thanks for requesting again. I am always please when people take time to read posts on EARNBASE and leave their opinion. It shows someone somewhere is blessed.
      Thanks Yemisi

  11. Sir in your post this morning the palm tree picture is wrong…its a coconut tree that I can see…please adjust it…as I was confuse a bit

  12. Indeed it’s informative, but it needs practice since we all know that applied knowledge is powerful than just gathering information and where can we get the machines?

    • @Yemisi, I want to thank you for your awesome contribution. It shows you did not just read through this post alone but you understood what you read.
      Concerning your question. The machines are available from the welders. Though not all welder can make the machine but most of them can; if not they should be able to link you up with someone that will help you produce one.
      However, it is better to sort this machine locally than importing one because if the cost of importation. Though, you may decide to import the machines if you have the financial capacity. Just as you know; the imported machine produces better than the locally made machines.
      Yemisi, I hope have been able to answer your question to some extents.
      Thanks for stopping by – No1 Nigeria Entrepreneural an Skill Acquisition Blog

      • Sir/Ma, my point is this, if you know where and how I can get it please link me up, instead of me going to meet a welder…they may collect my money and construct rubbish, by then the money am trying to multiply has reduced…means am back to square 1…so kindly give me details of the person/welder that fabricated yours for you…I believe you won’t be sharing this powerful information if you haven’t practised it

        Yemisi ike

        • @Yemisi,thanks following Earn Base. I will get you his contact by tomorrow as I do not have it at the moment.

          • Thank you so much then, if you certainly help me as you have promised, how do I appreciate your effort? Is this free of charge all the way?


          • If this works and am able to start I will share it with as many people as I can plus I will give you Dailly update on what I achieve through this medium…thank you as I await the number of the welder /machine fabricator’s contact details.
            Thanks alot.

          • Thanks anonymous. Here is the Engineer’s mobile numbers +2347025888071 and on whatsapp +2347064463025 Tell him you are from Samson

          • Here is the Engineer’s mobile numbers +2347025888071 and on whatsapp +2347064463025 Tell him you are from Samson

  13. Great post there! Very informative and useful! I will look forward to getting the follow up post on this subject.

  14. Good afternoon. kudos for the good work may God continue to bless and strength you. I am very interested in this palm kernel business but do not have the required start up capital , but I will be glad if you can put me through on how I can start with 100, 000.
    Hoping to hear from you soonest .

    • @Mr Femi, thanks for appreciating our works on earnbase and Amen to your prayer.
      However, to start with 100,000. I will be writing about that soonest sir. Please stay tune to earnbase.
      Thank you once again!

    • Ayodele Osho, am happy you found this post very useful. Thanks for being real.
      As for you question; on Palm Oil business; we shall be talking abut that next week sir.
      Just make sure you subscribe to our newsletter never to miss out on any of our post.
      Thanks once again


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