How To Start Making Money As A Graphic Designer In Nigeria

how to be start making money as a graphic designerSometimes, early this year I decided to give out over 73 copies of my DVD on graphics design titled CORELDRAW @ EASE and the result was awesome. I remembered one of the beneficiary was almost crying when he came to our office to collect his copy. He said: “I did not believe it was real; could this still be happening in Nigeria?!” That singular act of kindness changed his life forever! Ever since them he as being a friend of the house. That was one of the numerous events that took place at that time. Click here for more…

Making money as a graphics design requires just 5 basic steps. If you want to start making money this month with graphics click here… no jokes!!!

  1. Passion: Did I hear you right? Yes! I just said passion! My brother if you don’t have passion for designing then you better chose another art. If you must succeed as a graphic designer then you must develop STRONG passion for the art of designing. Simply because good design takes time!
  2. Creativity: I do not know what is running through your mind; but if you must make money in graphics designing you must be creative. People want unique design and nothing more. They want designs that will amaze everyone. The good thing about this creativity is that it can be learn. Don’t tell me you are not creative because God will not take time to create a dumb! Click here if you like to learn how to be creative as a designer. There is only one way to being creative – Think Outside The Box!!!
  3. Ability To Interpret Arts And Color: You remember the saying: “a picture is worth one thousand words.” As a graphics designer you must be able to interpret pictures and different art works. Clients do not want misleading design as it will not be tolerated in any form. There are different color for different occasion. For example; you cannot use black color to design a valentine card e.t.c
  4. Understanding Fonts: Nobody will tell you how powerful font can affect your design. Do you know that EARNBASE logo is gust a font? There are so many logos out there that are just FONTS. I was at Ogun State over the weekend and was to comment on a design; unknown to me that they have already deliberated on the design before my arrival. You won’t believe the first thing that went wrong in that design was the Fonts. The design was honestly cool but the fonts were just too wrong. You can click here if you want to know how to pick the rick font for the right design.
  5. Keep Learning: You see the moment you stop learning you start dying – it’s that simple! So, if you want to keep to date in whatever you are doing make sure you keep learning as new technologies are always out to aid your work. Aside the technologies; designs also change. The design that was hot and acceptable in 1999 is not longer acceptable now. That is why you must make sure you keep yourself relevant in today’s world.

There are my best 5 Five approaches to making money as a graphics designer. If you think I need to add something why not drop it in the comment below.

I hope you enjoyed this piece. Wish you the best in your graphics endeavors.

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  1. Graphics design is one of the skills that companies will be paying thousands of naira for in the future and it will also be an added advantage for whoever is in this field.

    I am always envious of my friends that are in into Graphics design but most of them don’t cherish what they have.


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