How To Start Kunu Aya Business In Nigeria

If pure water business can make people wealthy; then, making Kunu Aya can make you rich. You see, Kunu Aya has been a business of old, just like the business of water, but this time, with added skills.

There are different types of Kunu, depending on the primary ingredient in the product. You can either prepare this drink with millet, tiger nut, rice, grain, maize or sorghum. They are:

  1. Kunu Zaki, this is it the type that is made with the primary ingredient being millet
  2. Kunu Gyada, this is when the primary ingredient is rice
  3. Kunu Aya, this is when the primary ingredient is tiger nut/ Fortunately, this is the one I will be teaching you today.

However, it’s important we understand that this primary ingredient (Tiger nut); in our case, bears different names, depending on your tribe. The Yorubas call it OFIO, while the Hausas call it AYA, and the Igbos call it IMUMU. Although, tiger nuts are not actually nuts in the real sense, but tubers; they share the same chemical composition and characteristics with tubers and nuts. This is product originated from the north, that is why it has the name Kunu Aya!

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Why You Need To Consider This Kunu Aya Business

  1. You do not need any special pieces of equipment; as all pieces of equipment are household utensils.
  2. It is not capital intensive; as you can start with less than 15,000
  3. It is also easy to produce
  4. It is healthier than Kunu and Zobo
  5. It does not require a large space

Ingredients/Materials For Producing Tiger Nuts Drink (kunu Aya)

  • Aya (Tiger nut) ————————– 5 thin cups
  • Debino (Dates) ————————– 1 small tomato derica
  • Chiffon (for sieving)
  • Ginger (for preservation) ————— 1 average ginger
  • Sugar (optional) ————————- as desired
  • Water (for soaking and mixing) ——- 2 liters
  • A Big Bowl (for soaking)
  • A small size bowl
  • Packaging container

Step By Step Guide To Produce Kunu Aya

Step 1:

Soak the Tiger nut (Aya) in a big bowl with water for 24 hours or more. This is to make it easy for grounding; it will also help you to have enough milk. Discard the water and wash the Tiger nut (Aya) thoroughly.

Step 2:

Pour the soaked Tiger nut (Aya) into a mortar and rub it a little with a pestle. Just like you will do to beans; this will help you remove any possible dirt.

Step 3:

Break the dates into pieces and soak them in a small size bowl with water to make them soft.

Step 4:

Peel the Ginger, dice it, and add it to the content too. This will enable the Kunu Aya to last for almost 3 days; else, it will get spoil in no time.

Step 5:

Wash everything out of the water very well, and put them into another big bowl.

Step 6:

Take them for grinding, using a grinding machine or blender; as long as they are all soft, else you will be damaging the blender.

Step 7:

Pour a reasonable amount of water into the contents turn and stir very well, and use the chiffon cloth or sieve to separate the contents.

Note: You can add sugar or honey to the mixture. This is completely optional; as the debino already added sweetening properties.

Step 8:

Pour them inside your desired containers, and ice for sale. If you want to take them at home, you can refrigerate.

I hope this helps someone today. you can leave your questions in the comment section below.

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