How To Start Iza Production And Smile To The Bank

How to produce izal and germicideYes, it is Earn Base again. If Nigeria must be great; it must be the collective effort of every one of us. Nigeria is seriously going the entrepreneurship way and only the vigilant can see the wind of change in that direction. For those who are too proud to LEARN and for those who took PRIDE in ignorance. Some years to come; you will be doing the learning while will shall be doing the earning. If Nigeria is looking at towards being and export company; then skill acquisition and entrepreneurship is the way to go.

However, it is never too late to start learning. If yo have missed any of out previous posts; then look around and good over the ones you missed. Today, we shall be looking at a very interesting topic – How To Start Izal/Germicide Production And Smiles To The Bank.

What is Germicide?

A germicide is a product designed to kill germs and bacteria on different types of surfaces. Many household cleaning products are formulated to function as germicides. Just about any home or business will have at least a few of these products on hand at any given time.

Bacteria are living organism, some are helpful while some are harmful. Since bacteria are invisible to the naked eye, their presence is usually unsuspected. Germicide therefore helps to rid the area of bacteria and germs that have the potential to cause harm to humans and other living things. You know places where Izal is used. Don’t you? Izal is a germicide!

Tools needed to make your own germicide

  • A big bucket, bowl or container that is capable of containing your desired production
  • Omo rogun (Turning Stick)
  • Hand gloves
  • Noise Guard


  • Texapon———————————2 tin milk cups
  • Pine oil———————————-4 tin milk cups
  • Phenol———————————–4 tin milk cups
  • Lysol————————————-4 tin milk cups
  • Izal booster——————————4 tin milk cups
  • Carbolic Acid—————————-4 tin milk cups
  • Izal concentrate————————-4 tin milk cup
  • Whitener———————————2 tin milk cup
  • Water————————————-5 liters


  1. Pour the Texapon into a bowl
  2. Add the Pine Oil and stir very well
  3. Add the Phenol and stir
  4. Add the lyzol and stir
  5. Add the Booster and stir
  6. Add arround 3 liters of Water and stir
  7. Use some quantity of water to dilute the Carbolic Acid before you add it to the mixture
  8. Add the Izal Concentrate and stir
  9. Also use some water to dilute the Whitener before you add to the mixture and stir together
  10. Pour the remaining Water and stir properly

The next thing will be for you to get the right container with the  right label and be ready to hit the market.

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