How To Start Ice Block Making Business In Nigeria

If you are from the west; there is an adage that says; “nobody shots doing water business.” As far as this is true; it is also true that this business has its own limitation. To be honest with you; this business won’t make you a millionaire, but money will never be your problem again. This is something that my mother-in-law does; so, I know it’s profitable.

 Here Are A Few Reasons Why This Business Is Lucrative

  1. A poor economic condition of the country: This is a country where very few people can afford a fridge, but want to take cold drinks, water or ice block to soak garri.
  2. Hash weather condition: In Nigeria, we have a very hot wearer condition, which made everyone hunger for a cold drink.
  3. Poor electricity supply: The state of power in this country encourages this business to a large extent; as people who have fridge do not have constant light to produce a cold drink or ice block.
  4. It is not capital intensive; as you can start with less than 100,000, if you will be using a deep freezer.
  5. It does not require huge space: You can start the business with a shop, corridor, under stair e.t.c as long as the place is shaded – very important. This is because if you site the machine in the sun, instead of it to freeze within 5 – 8 hours; it would extend to 17 hours.
  6. There is always a demand for ice block: To be honest with you, there is always a demand for ice block; as hawkers, individuals, soft drink sellers, restaurant, hotels, food vendors, bars, event’s organizers and many others are in constant search for ice block.

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Item Needed For Ice Block Making Business

  • Ice block making machine: This is actually a dedicated machine made for ice block making. It is in various sizes; from 50 blocks capacity to 500 block capacity machine. A machine made of copper is better than the one made of aluminum.
  • A deep freezer: This is where you stock the ice block before selling or you can use it directly to produce ice block if you do not have an ice block machine. When buying a freezer, make sure you buy the one that does not easily de-frozen.
  • 5kva stabilizer: This will help you to regulate fluctuating electric current.
  • A place with constant electricity or a diesel generator (leister): If you live in my area; you probably won’t need a generator. Sometimes, you may have to travel out of your location to get a shop where there is a constant supply of electricity.
  • Water: This is actually the primary product for producing ice block; so, it’s important quality water is accessible. You can dig borehole if you have the money or employ someone to supply you water every day.
  • Nylon: This is what you will use to package the water. It is usually a big transparent nylon available in bulk purchase.

It is important to set this business in a place with high traffic, a place where transportation is accessible. Examples; areas closer to motor parks, institutions, markets etc. A place that street hawkers can quickly walk in to buy when they have a rush in the market.

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  1. I’m really impressed with this article. Very educative. Please I would like to have a template of a bankable business plan for this Ice block production through my email please.

    God bless.


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