How To Start Household Production Chemical Business For FREE

I honestly don’t know why I am feeling this way, but something is telling me to share this with you all for FREE. You see, in business; the closer you are to the production chain, the better your chances of making profit. Let me explain this in pain terms…

For example; let say you are a Bar Soap Seller; which means you are buying from somewhere – a Bar Wholesaler. While the wholesaler is probably buying from a Bar Major Distributor; it didn’t stop there. The Major Distributor is also buying from a Bar Production Company (This is where you are if you have come for any of our training; as you can produce quality bar soap for sale – you can contact me if you need help); while the Bar Production Company is Buying Chemicals from a Chemical wholesaler (But, this is what I am going to teach you today) and the chemical wholesaler buys from a Chemical Major Distributor; then, the chemical major distributor is importing from China from a China chemical wholesaler, who also buys from another China Chemical Major Distributor, who also buys from a China chemical producer. This is like 9 chains Bar Soap Seller (9) – Bar Wholesaler (8) – Bar Major Distributor (7) – Bar Production Company (6) – Chemical wholesaler (5) – Chemical Major Distributor (4) – China chemical wholesaler (3) – China Chemical Major Distributor (2) – China chemical producer (1).

Do you see from the above illustration that the closer you are to the Chemical producer, the higher your chances of making more profit. That being said; so, how do you go about this?

How To Start Household Production Chemical Business

There are so many approaches to achieving this; so, I am going to share some tips with you today. You see, this was how I started my Chemical Business.

Step 1: Know how to make some household production. This is going to give you a better chance of succeeding using this approach.

Step 2: Locate two or more BIG Household production chemical shops in your area.

Step 3: Request for their price lists

Step 4: Locate the cheapest Household chemical shop and negotiate for a good price. (I have a template for this, and it works like magic)

Step 5: Start your business (You can be a reseller here without even having a dine)

How To Start Household Production Chemical Business For FREE (Without Any Money)

Step 1: Remember you already have a good household production chemical shop to always buy from

Step 2: Create an online shop for your chemical sales

Step 3: Take orders from your online chemical store

Step 4: Buy from the cheapest chemical store

Step 5: Deliver the chemical to your buyers, and keep your profit. Simples!!!

Advantages of Starting Household Production Chemical Business

There are so many benefits attached to this kind of business; some of which are discussed below:

  1. Huge profit
  2. Save huge cash on chemical for productions
  3. The market is huge (Remember, we have more people producing than the ones selling chemicals)
  4. You can start without capital (At least, that was how I started)

If you need help or in doubt please, just drop your question in the comment box below.

3 thoughts on “How To Start Household Production Chemical Business For FREE”

  1. Please sir am Elvis Owusu in Ghana and I really like your tutorials may God bless you. Please I want to start with the bar soap and I don’t know any of the materials so am asking if you can assist me get them.

  2. Thank you Sir for your information if I want to start the business and I want buy from you can you deliver it to me at Onitsha?

    And again I want to start producing Bar Soap I need your help in material and a equipment for small skill.


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