How To Start A Successful Soap Making Business In Nigeria

How To Start A successful Soap Making Business In Nigeria (2)Who among us do not like a good soap? Everybody, loves the fragrance of a good soap and soap is one of the commodities used in every homes – whether rich or poor! This means that soap making is a good business because every home is your market. There are so many reasons why soap making business is a good business in Nigeria:

  1. Every home is your market.
  2. It is a production based business – the more you produce the more profit you make.
  3. It safes you some money because you are producing your own soap yourself.
  4. It serves as a source of income.
  5. You can start soap making business with as low as 5,000.
  6. It gives you the opportunity to be creative as you can come up with your own recipe.

If you miss my series on soap making; you better click here cause I have 10 series already on soap making. This is important because it’s going to help you get a clearer concept of this subject successful soap making business in Nigeria. My fiance and myself love this act of soap making as we enjoy playing with some oils combinations. The good thing about this business is that the more production you make the more you learn and the more confidence you develop in being more creative.

However, there are 5 basic steps that must be followed if you must successful in this business. how do I know? It is the same approach we are following and it’s being working!

Step 1: Keep Learning

I know you may ague this with me but the truth is that we kept learning from friends and professionals in the industries. The only way you can be the best at whatever thing you are doing is to keep learning. We make sure we are not took big to learn from our mistakes and other specialist in soap making business.

Step 2: Make A Special Recipe

I honestly think people want to be sure that your soap is indeed unique from its design to its functionalities. People will love a soap that is different is shape to what they use to know. They will also buy a soap that is different in saints and color. They also need a soap that will do skin cleansing and sports removal. You the right combination of essential oils and additives! Additives are things you can add to your soap making process by are not MAJOR ingredient in soap making. e.g Honey, Sulphur (Imi Ojo, in Yoruba) e.t.c you can also try perfume combinations!

Step 3: Proper Packaging Helps

I do not know if it’s like that every where, but in Nigeria people mostly judge a product by its packaging. If you lost the packaging you probably lost 70% of your market. Yes, nobody wants to associate with a poorly packaged products. They want a product they will be proud of! If your product does not win them in the area of packaging you are not likely to win them over.


Step 4: Make Soap With Woman In Mind

I am sorry, I have to come out straight this time. Truth be told; ladies care so much about their skins than guys. So, if you want to make money in soap making business; you better start considering producing for women/ladies. However, this does not mean guys can not use your soap but your design and production should be for woman. e.g your choice of perfume, color e.t.c

As a matter of fact, guys don’t care about the color of their soap but not for ladies. The first thing that a lady will consider about a soap it the color and after which the perfume. How many of you remember DUDU OSUN; that dark brownish soap. Dis you remember any lady using that soap? No! And where are they today?… This is because that soap was not design for ladies in mind. I love the soap as guy anyway.

Step 5: Start By Giving Out Some Pieces 

This method I learn from an Earnbaser. I remember, I was invited to his house to teach him how to make liquid soap and after the whole production process. He packaged the products and gave it out to people around him. When I asked him why he did so; he said they will be the one that will market my product. This as also help me in my soap making business and other businesses. Each time I produce a new product (Bar Soap, Yogurt, Aftershave e.t.c; I will always give out some pieces. Aside from that; it won’t be nice if you are testing your new soap with your customers. This people are serving as your samples; they will also help to give you good review of your soap – so that you know what and what to improve on.

These are subjected to corrections. What will you rather add to this steps? Or what step will you rather moved?

I hope this helps someone.

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  1. Pls I would like to know the cost of item needed for the bar soap production. You can reach me via email. Thanks

    • @Atetan, at least you need 60,000; if you have no equipment available at the moment. But if you already have the required equipment; you are good to go with 20,000.


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