how-to-source-for-items-that-sell-very-well-in-nigeriaThis post was originally written by a friend that I respected so much; the person of Mr Abdul-Raheem.

After going through the post; I felt I should share with earnbasers as it’s going to be very helpful.

You will agree with me that people are very agressive about their selling methods these days. Maybe because the country is in resession and things are honestly not as it use to be – truth be told.

There are so many ways by which you can search for products that sells very well online which and listed bellow in categories.

You can source for products or items through:

●Trending Items
●Giant Online Retailing Platforms
●Categories that Sells
●Google Search (Image/Keywords)
●Market Survey
-Local Retailing Online Platforms
●Time and Seasons
●Local Markets

1.Trending Items
We all know that in a period of time, some items are in vogue and they sell very well and fast.

The following are some of the items that sell like craze:
-Inflatable Chairs and Bed
-Toothpaste Dispenser
-Tummy Girdle & Body Shapers
-Electric Food Flask
-USB Air Conditioner
-Selfie Stick
-Foldable & Conical Mosquito Net
-Car Vacuum Cleaner
-Android smart watch
-Ladies wares
-VR Box
-T-shirts & Polo
-Computer Accessories (Flash,Memory Cards,Headphones) etc
-Hand Sewing machine

2. Giant Online Retailing & Wholesales Platforms
Examples of giant online e-commerce platforms in China are

To source for items on any of this platforms, Use keywords like
▪Hot Sales
▪Unique Items/products
▪Best Seller
▪New products/ items etc

3. Categories That Sells
The following categories sells very well and fast
◆Home Appliances
◆Kitchen Appliances & Utensils
◆Personal/Beauty and Health Care Products

4. Google Search Engine
Another way to source for products is using Keywords on Google and Using Google Images too.

Keywords like
°Top Selling Items/products
°Unique Items/products
°Best Selling Products
°Hot Sales Products and
°Trending products

°Using Google Images
After searching the keywords on google, click on the Images link to see pictures of the products. Then,
Click on any of the products that interests you
Select view page to see the name and details of the item
Go to any of the top foreign sites and input the name of the product to get the price and sellers details
Then proceed to buying.

5. Market Survey
By doing some market survey, you tend to get more items to buy.

The following are surveys you can take,
●One on One Questioning (Interview)
●Online Survey
-Monkey Survey
-Google Survey
NB: Any of the formats will be based on peoples NEED and WANT

6. Local Retailing Platforms
You can source for products to buy and sell on local e-commerce platforms like konga,jumia,dealdey and kaymu.

Products on their homepages are always top-notch products that sells fast so you can pick up what to sell from there.

Also you can check links like Popular Search, Best Sellers, and Top Sellers to see their products, Deals of the day etc

7. Time and Season
Another effective and fantastic way of sourcing for products is sourcing for seasonal products. You will agree with me that cold drinks sell more in dry season and Chicken sell most during Christmas time. There are lots of products that are greatly affected by Time and Season.
●Festive Period (Eid/Salah, Christmas,New Year , Easter etc
●Raining Period (Umbrella, Sweater,Rain Coat, Rubber Shoes/Boot, Food/Water Flask, Head Wormer/Gloves.
●Hamathan Period (Lip Sanitizer)

8. Local Markets
You can source products from the very large local markets close to you. Ask for the prices of products that interests you, snap or buy a sample, search for it on the china website, calculate the cost price and cost of shipping, if it is cheaper, then you are good to go.

However Many of the sellers in these markets imports in very large quantity , So buying from them sometimes could be cheaper or equivalent to the price of importation and also reduce the stress of importation.

You can check out the following markets
-Computer Village Ikeja
-Oshodi Market
-Lagos Island (Eko Idumota) Market,

I hope this helps someone our there? Please, leave your questions as comments bellow.


  1. Nice post Samson. This is very helpful. Note, it’s “Share” not “Shear.” Just a minor typo, but overall the post was very very helpful. I will use the info.




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