How To Send Money To Nigeria From US and Other Countries Easily

If you are a Nigeria abroad; you will understand what it takes to be able to send money home. Unfortunately, most people do not know that sending money home can be very expensive. Aside from the money you are sending. The additional cost of sending the money is another thing to worry about. Which is why I am writing this post.

No doubt, there are lots of resources online to help you send your money to Nigeria, but what I am about to share with you is by far the best means to send money home.

Challenges of sending money through other means:

  1. Low exchange rate
  2. Unnecessary verifications
  3. Registration
  4. High charging fee
  5. Hidden charges

So, you don’t have to worry as I can help you send your money directly to any Nigeria bank of your choice at little or no fee! With this, you can send money from Europe to Nigeria; from India to Nigeria; and from any other part of the world to Nigeria.

Why Use My Service

  1. High exchange rate
  2. No registration
  3. No charging fee
  4. No hidden charges
  5. No Scam (100% trusted)

How to send money to Nigeria

Step 1:

Open this link below to send me a message on WhatsApp; usually, I respond within 30minutes maz.

Step 2:

We discuss and agree on the exchange rate

Step 3:

You wire the money in dollars to my Nigerian domiciliary account

Step 4:

Once I receive your payment; I’ll send the money to any Nigerian bank of your choice at no extra cost

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