How To Send GOODS From One State To Another Within Nigeria

HOW TO TRANSPORT GOODS FROM ONE STATE TO ANOTHER WITHIN NIGERIAI am not going to tell you stroies today. So, straight to the point as there is no time to watch TIME!!! Lol

There are basically two types of exportation; Local/Intra exportation and International Exportation. The Intra/local exportation is the exportation within a country. e.g exporting goods from Kaduna to Lagos. While International Exportation is the exportation that takes place between two or more countries e.g From Nigeria to USA or From Nigeria to China e.t.c

Have you ever being in a situation where you need to send goods to someone outside your state? Or maybe you are trying to send out a good from one state to another within Nigeria. This piece is going to teach you practical steps to achieve these and more.

This has personally made me to leave some money on the table some years back; when a client will order my product buy I do not know how to send it to him or her because usually we are both in different states. Never will this happen again!!!!

With this method, you can transport or export your goods from one state to another within Nigeria. Aside from that; I also found this method very FAST and CHEAP as the buyer can collect his or her goods the next day if not the same day!!!

Who Can Use This Method?

Anybody within Nigeria can use this method to export or transport goods from one state to another within Nigeria.

What Are Documents Needed to be Able to Send Gods through Thus Method?

Your name (SELLER), phone number and address; you will also need the same information of the BUYER.

Where Can You Send Goods To?

You can send goods to anywhere in Nigeria except SAMBISA Forest – lol. Personally, I have sent goods to Abuja, Kaduna, Kastina, Port haircut, Kogi, Warri and many more.

Who Pays The Transportation FEE?

Either of you (buyer or seller) can pay; depending on the arrangement made between both parties (the seller and the buyer).

If the SELLER is paying:  He pays the transporter before leaving and the buyer will just go to collect his or her goods.  But, if the BUYER is paying: The seller just takes the goods to the transporter and leave. But before then, he or she collects the driver’s number and send to the buyer.

However, I think it is better for the seller to pay the transportation fee; this made it cheaper compared to when the buyer is paying. By this, I mean the seller will take time to negotiate with the transporter because he knows he is the one paying otherwise the transporter will prefer to speak to the buyer on phone for negotiation which sometimes put the buyer in a tight corner.

Who Packages The Goods?

Depending on the situation and the type of goods; anybody can do the packaging. But whichever way; you will still need to open the goods for the transporter to verify what is already packed to confirm for himself. However, those guys are very helpful as they can always help you in terms of packaging for FREE.

How Much Do They Charge?

The charges are not fixed but are determined by the following factors:

  1. Is the goods fragile? If yes, you are likely to pay a little bit higher!
  2. The quantity of the goods. Definitely, the larger the goods the higher your fees bro.
  3. The worth of those goods in case it gets lost.
  4. State of destination

For example: If you are sending an iPhone 7 from Lagos to Abuja; you will be charged higher than someone sending a radio; because an iPhone is worth more than the radio! Though, both goods are going to the same destination but they are different in worth.

How Do You Transport Good From One State To Another With Nigeria?

That is a very good question; all you have to do is to just follow these simple steps:

  1. Collect the buyer’s details: Full Address, Full Name and Phone number
  2. Go to any PRIVATE transport system e.g UGO Motors, God Is Good Motors, IYERE Motors, G. Agofure Motors e.t.c
  3. Walk in tell anybody around that you want to send our some goods; they will direct you if you are not in the right office. Give the goods to the attendee and he will ask you some questions like:
    1. What is the use of this product? If it’s not a well-known product.
    2. What is the worth of this good?
    3. Is it fragile?

Note: He will give you price; be smart enough to price real good o o o; don’t forget the price is not fixed!!!

  1. Then they will help you package the goods if not packed already.
  2. They will then give you a waybill receipt after payment with a number on it (this is not common to all). It is that number you will send to the buyer to track or collect the goods you sent.
  3. Go home!!!! Lol

It’s as simple as that. I hope this helps someone today.

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    • Usually, you asked the driver how much it will cost to send the goods, then tell the buyer to send the exact amount to your account, while you pay the driver. That is because some drivers no longer do pay on delivery. But if you are lucky to find one that agrees to do pay on delivery; just make sure the buyer and the driver agrees in the price before you leave, giving the product to the driver. I hope you understand?


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