How To Sell Your Skills or Products Online

It is good to have a skill or a product, but it’s better to know how to sell your product or skill online.

You see, it’s unfortunate that most people take instruction from people who needs guidance themselves; which means a blind leading the blind. If you have read the richest man in Babylon, you will understand this better.

Some years ago, when I wanted to sit for my first jamb – it was a long time ago; so, I was innocent and naive. I went to a suppose senior colleague to inquire what I need to do to pass my jamb; as he was already in the university them. Then, he said without a blink of an eye; that it should just be for experience purposes. So, I stopped reading; since, it was just for the sake of experience na. Unfortunately, I had 198; which means I would have scored over 220 if I have studied well.

You see, most of the advice given to us are from the wrong people. People who don’t have a business of their own. People who have never failed in business; people who have never run a failed Facebook ad; people who have never even run Instagram ads; people who only have theoretical knowledge about Email marketing; which is why, we keep making the same mistake over and over again without result.

When I first started importation; I gave out my first product, because I hardly could sale one – it was that bad, but that was the last time it happened. After then, I have never had issues of selling either my product or skill.

For more than a decade, I have been training people on different skill acquisition program; something which EarnBase can testify to, but I have never taught them how to sell their skills or products. So, this month been my month; I will be teaching just 10 people how to sell their skill or product online. And this time; it will be for just 5,000.

For those who know me; you can testify that I don’t do cheap training. I am of the school of thought that says; what is what doing at all is wort doing well. So, if you want to learn; it’s better you learn from the best. So, if you miss this opportunity; you probably won’t see such again. And why am I doing this?

July 6th is my birthday; so, I am using this to celebrate with my loyal fams.

The better part of this training is that; it’s going to be online; so, you don’t have to worry about transportation or location; as you can join from anywhere in the world.

Here are the details of this training.

How To Sell Your Skill or Products Online

  1. Why selling online
  2. Practical guide of how I sold a product online without a dime (I will expose this secret) – this product was not even mine!
  3. What makes a product or skill salable
  4. How to sell using social media (I will expose Facebook Ads in this section)
  5. I will also teach you how to run a successful Facebook ads with less than 2k and get result.
  6. Free undisclosed bonuses that is worth N55,000

This is how to join…

  • Pay the sum of 5,000 to this account detail:

First Bank

Account No: 2032848148

Account Name: Africhant Solutions

  • Send me an SMS to +2348060023272 after payment, and I will add you to the WhatsApp group.

Training Starts: 4th of July (2 days)

Training Time: 8pm Daily

Training Venue: WhatsApp

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