How To Produce Quality Car Wax In Nigeria

Car wax is a formulated blend of waxes, oils, and solvents which can include crude oil distillates, ethanol, mineral spirits, petroleum, naptha (commonly used as a thinner for wood varnishes and paints), and more. and car wax production is not difficult either.

A wax compound adds a layer of protection to the paint and can also bring out the best of your vehicle’s luster and shine. While waxing brings out the beauty of the paint, it’s most important job lies in its power as a protectant. A good wax will see your car’s paint through moisture, UV rays, intense heat, a battery of pollutants, and will help prevent the dreaded oxidation process.

A traditional car wax formula usually consists of a blend of carnauba wax, mixed with other waxes, such as beeswax, natural oils, and will sometimes also include petroleum distillates. Many newer formulations also contain special polymers and resins which are used as both a car wax hardener and shine enhancer. Car wax comes in spray, paste, and liquid varieties with formulas suited for various paint types. The majority of car waxes are in paste form. Because car wax tends to be sticky, with a low melting point, it tends to attract dust to the paint surface. Car wax must be reapplied every one to three months in order to maintain protection and shine.

Common Car Wax Ingredients

  • Carnauba wax is a hard wax obtained from the leaves of a Brazilian palm tree which produces a glassy shine. Carnauba based waxes must be reapplied frequently in order to maintain shine.
  • Beeswax is a durable wax found in honeycombs and used in car wax formulas to provide a protective barrier.
  • Natural oils, such as linseed oil, are emollients use to provide added shine, luster, and protection, to the painted surface.
  • Synthetic wax can be created from certain plastics or silicones and is used primarily in auto paint sealants. These waxes are considerably more durable than carnauba wax but produce far less shine.
  • Petroleum distillates are solvents derived from crude oil that make the wax easier to spread and to clean the paint.
  • Resins and polymers are plastic like substances that adhere to the paint surface offering longer lasting protection than wax. They are most frequently found in auto paint sealants.

Car wax should only be used on clean, dry surfaces, in the shade. Car wax should be applied to one surface at a time, allowed to dry, and then gently removed using a soft cotton cloth or automotive style microfiber cloth.

Comprehensive Guide on How To Make Car Wax

Making your own car wax is easy to do and waxing your car with this only makes the car look beautiful with its new shine, it also helps to protect the car’s finish from the burning rays of the sun and inclement weather.

Ingredients Needed To Make Original Car Wax

  • Carnauba T1 wax or Ceresin wax    ———————————– 30g
  • Beeswax ——————————— 15g
  • Paraffin Wax ————————————- 30g
  • Pine Oil —————————————— 100 ml
  • Glycerin —————————————- 50 ml
  • Perfume ————————————— as desired
  • Color ——————————————- as desired

Note: If you do not see the Carnauba wax; then, you have to double your Paraffin wax quantity

Step by Step Guide on How To Car Wax Production

Step 1: Heat the beeswax and the carnauba wax in the top of a double boiler.

Step 2: Stir the waxes until they mix together.

Step 3: Set aside to cool until it is just starting to get hard.

Step 4: Mix in the pine oil with the color and perfume in you are using them.

Step 5: Then pour in a container and package for sale

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