How To Produce Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline) In Nigeria

vaseline-petrolium-jellyI do not know why some people still find it difficult to produce basic home needs or products for their family. Just recently, the Federal government of Nigeria told Nigerians to braze up for a tougher New Year ahead as if all is well with Nigeria now. Just like the Bible said; a virtue woman will produce for her home!

While some people are busy making money from home made products learnt on you are here just reading to acquire knowledge (smiles – it’s ok). Maybe I need to sound this straight again; EarnBase is strictly for entrepreneurs!!!

Today, I am going to be taking you through how to make petroleum Jelly body cream (Vaseline) and start making cool money. Maybe I should start by telling you why producing Petroleum Jelly Body Cream is a good business to do NOW.


  1. Nigeria is in recession
  2. We are going into Harmattan Season where Vaseline is all that matters
  3. It doesn’t cause skin reaction
  4. It is used to prevent inflammation caused by heat generated from prolonged used of diapers
  5. It is used in the laboratory to prevent air from entering specimen hence,it is used for sealing cover slip
  6. It is used to keep the body warm during cold season
  7. It is used to prevent cracked heels, lips,and skin
  8. It is used as polish to polish surfaces such as shoes and bags
  9. It is used to prevent split ends in hair
  10. Another source of Income

You see the good thing about this whole matter is that after learning to make this product here; you can also buy the right chemicals here on EarnBase at a discounted price. You can click here if you want to buy chemicals from EarnBase (We sell you Original Chemicals in the right Quantity). A word is enough for the wise!

Maybe you don’t even know that Petroleum Jelly body cream is used on the skin to nourish the skin and help protect it against the harsh environmental conditions that might prevail. It helps the skin to maintain a good and uniform tone. No wonder, everybody uses one form of body cream or the other every day. This implies that anybody who goes into body cream production is sure making lots of money within the shortest period of time.

maybe, I need to tell you that I have only tried producing petroleum body jelly (vaseline) as I found it to be the safest and least hazardous. This can be produced for sale and it is profitable especially during the hamattan season. You can click here if you want to buy chemicals from EarnBase (We sell you Original Chemicals in the right Quantity).

Materials Needed For Making Petroleum Jelly:

  • Paraffin wax (1/8 slab): This helps to holds the mixture together
  • Petroleum jelly (3kg): This is a nourishing agent that helps to thicken and hold the Vaseline together
  • Micro wax (1/16 slab): This helps your Vaseline to stick together
  • Paraffin oil (5 liters): This is the oil that helps to reduce thickness of Vaseline since water is not needed in the production it has a healing and a nourishing ability
  • Perfume oil (100ml): It give the smell you desire
  • Colour is optional

Equipment Needed For Making Petroleum Jelly:

  • Gas Burner or Fire Wood (this is better over stove because; it’s faster than stove)
  • Stainless Steel Pot
  • Turning Stick
  • Rubber Spoon
  • Knife (for cutting of wax)
  • Weighing Scale
  • Measuring Cup
  • Packaging Material


  • Mix your perfume: I know some experts will be angry with me telling you this but I care less. Honestly, this is one of the things that distinguishes your products from every other products and you don’t expect me to tell you my perfume formula!
  • Label: get a clear and simple label that says all about the products.

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Step 1: Get you Gas Burner or Fire Wood ready

Step 2: Place the Stainless Pot on the Gas burner or Firewood

Step 3: Put the Paraffin Wax (1/8) into the Stainless Pot

Step 4: Put the Micro Wax in the same stainless pot

Step 5: Put the Petroleum Jelly (3kg) into the Stainless pot on the Gas burner and stir properly until it’s all well blended

Step 6: Get an empty bowl and put 4 liters of Paraffin Oil into it (keeping 1 liter)

Step 7: Now Pour the Stainless Pot contents or mixture “Paraffin, Micro Wax and Petroleum Jelly” into the Bowl containing the 4 liters of Paraffin Oil and stir properly.

Step 8: Add perfume and stir properly

Step 9: Now take a small piece of the mixture into a cup and pour water so that the body cream will float; then feel the floated body cream to see if it’s soft or hard enough. If it’s too harsh; then add the remaining 1 liter of paraffin oil else keep the remaining paraffin oil for future use.

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38 thoughts on “How To Produce Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline) In Nigeria”

  1. Thanks for this update ma, pls what if i have just 1kg of jelly what will be the required measurements for the rest ingredients,and also ma its compulsory to use micro wax,and what is the difference between micro wax and parafin wax,then what lanolin have to do in production of vasline because i have see it in many site,thanks

  2. Please I want to ask how can one get the ingredients cheaper because a gram where I am is quite expensive thanks

  3. thanks for this write up. plz what make pears vesline to have different texture from others. I found out that their product is thicker than others

  4. please, try answering questions politely, you didnt mention when to add the micro wax yet you make us feel stupid asking. kindly carry your audience along. thanks

  5. Please help me on how to measure paraffin wax (1/8 slab) using scale. I bought and they said is more than 1/8 slab, and I don’t know how to measure it but I have scale at home.

    • @Ifeoma, 1/8 mean you divide the slab into 2 FIRST, then pick ONE HALF and divide into 2 SECOND. Now, pick the SECOND HALF and divide it into 2 THIRD, then pick THIRD HALF and divide into 2 FOURTH. Just pick on of the FOURTH HALF – that is the 1/8 of that slab. Unfortunately, I don’t have its measurement off hand; remember, not everybody has access to a scale. Is this clear? You can also register for our UPCOMING HOME PRODUCTS PRACTICAL TRAINING ON THE 10TH OF FEBRUARY 2018 – DON’T MISS IT!

  6. Pls what’s the different between paraffin wax and micro wax? I find out you didn’t use micro wax in the production above but it appeared in material. Pls can you explain?

    • @Anya Charles, please take your time when reading our tutorials. However, your question was already answered in the tutorial above; if you miss it, read it here again.


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