How To Produce Menthol Air Freshener For Sale

There are so many ways to produce liquid air freshener; some of which have shared with you before.

However, in today’s class; I will be sharing with you; how you can produce quality menthol air freshener for sale.

You see, there are so many reasons why I like this particular product:

  1. It is simple and straight forward to produce
  2. It last longer
  3. It always has a good scent

So, if you are thinking of scaling your business higher; then, I suggest you start with this particular product.

Eqyuipment Used For Making Menthol Air Freshener

  • Containers (bowls)
  • Stirring rod (turning stick)

Chemicals Used In Producing Menthol Air Freshener

  1. Water:- 22Liters
  2. Texapon: – 1/8 kg
  3. Menthol:- 3 Tablespoons
  4. Methanol:- 1 liter
  5. Perfume:- 2 liters
  6. Colour:- As desired
  7. Thickener:- 1/8 kg ( If you want it a bit thickened)

Step By Step Procedure In Producing Menthol Air Freshener

Step 1: Put the Menthol into the Methanol, and allow it to dissolve properly.

Step 2: Now, add the Texapon, after the menthol has dissolved completely.

Step 3: Now add any Perfume Oil

Step 4: Turn your already prepared solution in a big bowl of 22liters of water and mix for 15mins.

Step 5: Dissolve the color in water, and add to the solution.

Step 6: Package and sell

Note: you can miss 2 or more perfumes together to get a unique smell that stands out. You can also miss 2 or more colors to get a unique color. These are simple secrets that make huge differences.

7 thoughts on “How To Produce Menthol Air Freshener For Sale”

  1. Sir, I love your work. But I will be grateful if you can specify the perfume fragrance that can be used . Thanks

    • I love this please I would like to know the names of fragrance. Also indicate soap own and air freshener. Can one start this business with small money. Please send your phone number or WhatsApp. Thanks. Please coach me on this.


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