How To Produce HYPO, JIK, BLEACH In Nigeria An Make Huge Money

How to product bleach from nigeriaJust as have always said; there is no business that can not make anyone rich. Just because you are not making enough money does not make is a bad business  or  a poor man’s job.

Today, we shall be discussing how to produce one of the most common house hold substance used in washing cloths –  BLEACH/JIK/HYPO.

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A bleach is a chemical that can remove or lighten color, usually via oxidation. Bleach makes it possible for laundry detergents to be more effective against stains. In other word; a bleach is a chemical compound derived from natural sources used to whiten fabrics. It’s also known for removing tough stains on cloths!!!

stained cloth


A stain is essentially a chemical compound, and the addition of bleach breaks down the molecules into smaller elements so that it separates from the fabric. Detergent and the agitation of the washing machine speed up the cleaning process.

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There are basically two types of household bleaches. Which are Chlorine bleach and Peroxide bleach.

Peroxide bleach was introduced in the 1950s. Though it helps to remove stains, especially in higher wash temperatures, it will not bleach most colored materials and does not weaken fabrics, as does sodium hypochlorite bleach. Peroxide bleach does not disinfect and is commonly added to laundry detergents which are advertised as color-safe. It also has a longer shelf life than the Chlorine bleach.

Chlorine bleach is cheap to manufacture and effective in both warm and hot wash temperatures. However, it has strong chemical properties which can weaken textile fibers.


  1. Bleaches are used as household chemicals to whiten clothes and remove stains
  2. Bleaches are also used as disinfectants primarily in the bathroom and kitchen.
  3. They are also used in many industrial process, notably in the bleaching of wood pulp, etc


Production of bleach involves the  combination of some Chemicals in the right proportion which requires no special skill.

However,  it is good to know that the method here does not require any special equipment either. Rather,  it uses basic materials that can be found easily around us.

You do not need a shop or a factory to start this production. It is something you can even doing your room. The good things about this skill is that it is used in every houses which make the market very large for any serious minded person to operate.

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  1. Chlorine …………………1 kg
  2. Caustic Soda……………1/8 kg
  3. Soda Ash———————1/8 kg
  4. Water————————16 litres


  1. Get a big bowl (bucket) pour the 16litres water into it the bucket.
  2. Pour your chlorine inside the water and stir.
  3. Pour your soda ash and stir.
  4. Pour the caustic soda and stir also
  5. Now cover the bowl (bucket) for 24 hours.
  6. After that, you will notice some settlement which is now chaff
  7. Separate the liquid content and throw away the particles (chaff)

The liquid content is your bleach so you can now package it four use.

Please, if you notice the bleach is to harsh, kindly add some quantity of water to reduce the harshness its harshness.

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Most people think their products need to look like the popular product in the market in order to pull certain part of the popular product market share. As much as this may be true; the success is just temporary. Honestly, if you really want to be successful as a brand you must be able to differentiate your product from the popular product in the market. The truth being told; your product does not have to look like every other product in the market to make sales or to break through the market barriers.

Here are some tips to consider when parking your product:

  1. The bottle should be moderate if not small; it should never be BIG. This is to make it affordable!
  2. Use white in your graphics design/label. This is to signify cleanliness!
  3. Get a pack that is very unique and uncommon for that product. This will help your buyers to differentiate your products from other. The truth is that most people buy some products because it is different from what it’s in the market already.

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  1. Thanks but is this measurement of chemicals accurate with the quantity to be produced? Because other seminars I’ve attended gave Chroline(1/ and Caustic soda(2.spoons) to produce 15.litres of the bleach

  2. Hello earnbase. Thanks for the enlightenment. Please I have a question. This measurement for caustic soda and soda ash do u mean like, when I buy 1KG of each, I should then divide it into 8parts and use one part.

  3. Thanks for the knowledge but where do lget sachet and type of sealing machine to package the bleach.l live in Benin city Nigeria

  4. Thanks for that knowledge, am Daniel from Uganda but I want to know about this formulation, what is its percentage as I mean % of m/v…thank you

    • Yes, you will need to carefully take off the clear liquid into another container, and the white substance that settle bellow is the Vim used in washing dirty back of pots.

  5. Good afternoon sir… Thanks for the tutorial. After doing my bleach, I noticed it isn’t smelling like hypo and it isn’t so powerful. This is the fourth day .. Is there any remedy. Thanks for your response sir. God bless you.

  6. God bless Earnbase but ive put myself in trouble by telling my family i can make bleach. My pastor overheard and asked me to make 50ltrs . Please Earnbase “i need your help” . I dont know the quantity of the ingredients needed. Please reply via mail. God bless you continually

  7. I made my bleach and left for 24hrs as adviced but when I tested it on a coloured cloth, it didn’t bleach it. So I left it for another 24hrs making it a total of 48hrs, it is still not bleaching coloured clothes.
    Can I leave it for a longer times before sieving to make it strong enough to work? Please what can I do?

  8. Thanks Earn based for the knowledge you are impacting to us. Please I want to know about the bleach made with peroxide(it seems that’s the one dry cleaners call satin remover).I will so glad if you can help me with the chemicals needed for the production.

    Warm regards.

  9. Thanks to everyone.Can anybody tell me about how to make chlorine beach using sodium hypochlorite solution.Please me guide.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing. Since I visited your website I have been making the bleach I use and its a huge saving. However, using your formula, what is the concentration of bleach produced ? Is it 5 , 3.5 or 10 % chlorine. This would enable users know the appropriate dilution for various tasks. Once more, God bless you for sharing the preparation method.

    • How much is a 20liters chemicals for both detol and jik or if you have a dealer in Kenya you connect me with them please I need to get started with these

  11. Thanks for sharing. I followed your steps to make bleach. I noticed, it is not white( has a bit of colour ) and secondly, it does not have the bleach smell. What went wrong ?

    • @Mabel, this is the first time am hearing this complain; I will have to be sure you followed these steps correctly. Can you send me a picture or video of the end product? So that I can take a closer look.

  12. Thank you so much for this wonderful seasons. God Almighty shall bless & honour you. In bleach making, so you didn’t need to devolve your costic soda and soda ash differently in water before adding them to the 16liter. Or…. How? Thanks

    • There is no need to dissolve them differently as their chemical reactions get us our desired result.
      Thanks for checking earnbase

  13. Thanks for everything, i would like to know how i can make bleach from hydrogen peroxide. Since its colour safe for fabrics. What are the materials i need and their right measurements and how to mix them. Thanks again.

  14. Thanks for the info. Trying to make ends meet so doing different stuffs and you have been a great help. God bless you. May the mother of God have your back. Amen

    • @Afoma, I am honored! All thanks to God! If peradventure there is something you wish to learn but not here; just request an we will get you the post.

  15. Thanks for the teaching. I want ask if the stain removal reagent is not necessary and again how can I get my required container

    • @Daniel, No sir! Since yo are producing in small scale. However, it may be necessary when going into large production.
      Thanks for visiting EarnBase


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