How To Produce Custard In Nigeria And Make Lots Of Money


Custard is an edible Powder like substance that can be prepared and consumed (eaten) in Liquid form like pap. Custard is usually white when it is raw but turns yellow when water is added and prepared for consumption. There are so many varieties of Custard now in the market e.g the Chocolate Custard, vanilla Custard, Strawberry Custard, Yellow custard e.t.c

Custard is a very common food in Nigeria today. It can be Prepared and eaten with beans, beans-cake (akara), “Moimoi” and can also be eaten ordinarily with milk and Sugar added to it once prepared. Custard has a long life shelf. That is, it can stay for a very long period of time without getting spoil.

However, it is good to know that custard is more nutritious than pap simply because it contained some additional nutrients. Custard is 100% made up of powdered edible corn starch (Use also for pharmaceutical products) which is produced mainly from Holland, China and India.


Custard Powder is mainly for human consumption. Any body can take Custard, whether young or old. Except if you don’t like it like myself.


There is nothing much involved in the Production of Custard. No special knowledge or degree is required to engage in Custard Production. Anybody can produce custard. The materials required to start off the Production are cheaply and readily available in the market with the startup capital of around N50,000.


MIXING TANK – This is needed for mixing your edible corn starch. You are good to go with the biggest or largest plastic drum in the market. However, it is preferable to use aluminum tank, although its expensive.

SMALL PLASTIC – This is needed for premixing process. Here, you mix your liquid ingredients such as Vitamin, Flavors with a little bit of starch before pouring into the big mixing plastic drum.

SEALING MACHINE – Used for sealing your nylon packaged custard.

WEIGHING MACHINE –  This is used for weighing each of the ingredients.


  1. Cornstarch———–4 kg
  2. Sunset yellow——-0.5 kg
  3. Flavor——————-1 ml
  4. Tertrazine————-0.5 kg
  5. Vitamins (essential ones)—1-3 %
  6. Skimmed milk (Optional)-2————–4%
  7. Salt (optional)——-0.1-0.5%
  8. Sugar (optional)——–3%


  1. Take aside like 30% of the entire corn starch
  2. Add the sunset yellow, flavor, Vitamins, skimmed milk, Sugar, salt and tertrazine to it (that is to the 30% corn starch set side)
  3. Blend very well together
  4. Pour into the remaining cornstarch and mix properly together. Then package for use.

26 thoughts on “How To Produce Custard In Nigeria And Make Lots Of Money”

  1. Hello, please I need more clarification on how to turn the corn into powder without any particles as we know corn has a stubborn back. I want to make it in a very large quantity. Thanks

      • Thanks so much for your response but you didn’t get my point. I want to buy corn, ground it into powder before mixing the ingredients to it. That’s why I said stubborn corn. Or is there anyway I can get the already made flower in a large quantity please? Possibly like 50-100kg. Thanks in anticipation.

  2. Hi. Pls since the flavor to add to the custard is liquid. So hw do u add it to ur custard powder??? Hope ot wnt mess it up. Tnx

  3. In as much as i like ur site ,when people ask simple questions all you will say is “can you please be more detail”. Pls i like u to improve on this thanks.

    • @DZ, thanks for your opinion. However, if you have ever bought any package on home made product, you will understand that what you have here is far more detail than what you have bought. Besides, how do you want me to respond to a question I don’t understand? More so, most of those who ask those questions have not even taken any step or they followed a different instruction from another blog; then they will come here to ask questions and expect me to answer on a formula or method I don’t know.

  4. Please i need the addresses of where to get the ingredients in making custard. I based in sango in Ogun state but sad to say that custard recipe is not found here. I want to produce the large quantities

    • @Adeloye princess, funny though; I do not know where you went in Sango that you could not found the ingredients. If you don’t mind; what do they sell in that store or shop? I mean the store you checked!
      However, you can’t get these ingredients in just any shop! So, I suggest you try somewhere else.


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