How To Produce Awesome Face Powder

When I was growing up as a child; I was fortunate to grow among ladies. So, I am very good at making up with expertise in the use of face powder. As a matter of fact; I can apply face powder for Africa, but not any longer; although, there are so many reasons why you need a face powder. If you are from the WEST side of Nigeria; you will understand the importance of dusting powder during heat period. Our parents will use the powder on us in other not to feel wet or sweat.  It is indeed true that Face Powder has a bit of an odd reputation. Many people these days wonder if there is any benefit to using it. The reality is that there are several reasons for using powder. Listed below are some of the benefits of using face powder.

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Benefits of using face powder

  1. It enhances your beauty
  2. It helps to stop body odor
  3. It reduces sweat production
  4. It prevents fungal infections
  5. It helps to remove the oiliness on the skin
  6. It acts as a protection for our skin from the pollution in the environment.

There are two types of the powder namely talc and talcum. Talcum is the one in which the talc is filtered and mixed with color or not. The powder we used for prickly heat is the Talc powder! People use the Talc powder because it’s antibacterial effect and to avoid the blisters.

Forms of Face Powder

There are four forms of face powder which are:

  1. The Loose
  2. The Pressed
  3. The Translucent
  4. The Tinted

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Talc is the main ingredient in powder production. The talc-based powder is the one which we normally use for the body, and it will be white in color, and the particles will be little bigger. Enough of story bro

How to Produce Face Powder

This is the by far the cheapest and the easiest way to produce face powder. For this production there are just only two ingredients needed:

  1. Talc
  2. Perfume

The talc is the main or primary ingredient here while the perfume does exactly what it says.

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Procedure For Producing Face Powder

Step 1: Sieve the Talc through a mesh 60 to ensure uniform, fine and smooth particle size.

Step 2: Take the desired quantity in a bowl (5kg).

Step 3: Spray the right amount of perfume; if you like, you can mix two or more perfumes together. The rule is, don’t use too much of perfume to avoid toxication.

Step 4: Mix the mixture of Talc and perfume together properly.

Step 5: Then transfer the end product (Face Powder) into a labeled container.

I hope this helps someone today. If you have any question; just drop it below, and I will respond in no time.

12 thoughts on “How To Produce Awesome Face Powder”

  1. Wat if we want to add some more minerals like calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, zinc oxide, magnesium sterate, mica etc.,
    Actually I Googled abt the face powder and so I am asking abt such mixtures.
    I am planning to make a face powder in a sample sachet size to sell in the market with cheap rate and best quality. Plz suggest me which all powders are necessary for a face talc to be cost effective.


  2. Thanks a lot for the message. About the perfume, it always comes in oily or say liqhid form. If added to the talc won’t it make it stick?
    Miyausa Wayuta Mshelia

    • @Miyausa Wayuta Mshelia, it’s usually in oily form, so, you will have to allow it to dry after the missing. The only time it will be sticky if when you add too much of oil!

    • No!!!! Dusting powder, that one you spray on your body at night to keep you free from heat and sweat. Powder Alata (In yoruba)


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